Your Complete Guide to Skin Care

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Get beautiful, radiant skin by learning all about good skin care products and the proper skin care techniques that will fit your skin type. Build a stress-free regimen to improve skin’s health and appearance. Moisturize, nourish, and protect skin from damage and signs of aging with the help of products made especially for your skin’s needs.

Learn all about skin care and the best skin care brands with Mall of Cosmetics. Discover how to keep skin healthy and how to protect it from factors that make it look dull and lifeless. Maintain a clear and glowing skin by knowing more about beauty skin care products. Here you’ll find all the best information and tips on skin care for a healthier and younger you!

What Your Skin Needs

There’s more to skin care than cleansing and moisturizing. A bit of science is required to know how skin works and how the different products affect it. Your skin care regimen must also be simple, easy to do, and require very little effort and tools so you can do it anytime, anywhere. You must use the right products that fit your skin type and condition. You should know about the essentials in skin health that you must never skip and advanced skin care products that upgrade your basic regimen. Here are some of the most important things your skin needs to stay healthy.

Washing skin with soap.


Dirt, oil, toxins, and other impurities can build up on the surface of skin and cause skin issues. They can clog the pores and trigger breakouts. These impurities can make the products you apply on your skin less effective and block their absorption. This can result to product accumulation on the surface of your skin.

Cleansing improves skin texture and tone. It removes excess oil, dead skin cells, and dirt on surface of the skin. It helps remove the impurities that hinder the absorption of good skin care products and make skin dull. Start your skin care with proper cleansing to ensure that the skin absorbs the products you apply. Avoid harsh cleansers and use only products that gently cleanse the skin.


Moisture is responsible for maintaining skin’s soft and smooth texture. It affects skin’s proper functions as well. When skin lacks of moisture, it leads to several skin issues such as redness, flaking, irritation, dryness, and overproduction of oils. Hydration is different from moisture. The former is the water content found on the deeper layers of the skin while the latter is the water on the surface.

Hydrating and moisturizing products keeps your skin supple and plump as it supports the natural production of oils. They prevent dryness as well as over production of oils and maintain the elasticity of your skin.


Your skin needs as much nourishment as your body needs to stay healthy and radiant. The nourishment that skin receives affects all aspects of its appearance and health. Skin tone, texture, and elasticity depend on the nutrients that the skin receives. Make sure to maintain skin health by nourishing the skin with good skin care products.

  • Skin Tone – Skin tone is the color, clarity, and radiance of the skin. Prolonged sun exposure and pollution can damage your skin tone making it uneven and patchy. Vitamins C and B help maintain a bright skin tone by preventing loss of pigmentation.
  • Texture – The texture of your skin refers to the smoothness of the surface of your skin. Issues affecting skin’s smoothness include scars, pimples, acne, and dryness. Wrinkles and fine lines affect skin texture as well. Exfoliating makes the surface of the skin smoother by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the renewal of new skin cells. Vitamin A promotes skin cell renewal, which improves skin texture. It stimulates fibroblasts as well to maintain the firmness and silky texture of skin.
  • Elasticity – Skin elasticity refers to the skin’s ability to return to its original state after tugging and pulling. Lack of elasticity makes the skin loose and more prone to sagging. It speeds up skin aging as well. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and slows down skin aging. Free radicals make the skin lose collagen and this leads to reduced elasticity.

Milky bath water with petals.


When it comes to skin care, maintaining and protecting the skin from damage should be one of your focus areas. Skin protection is an overlooked aspect of skin care. Various environmental factors can damage the skin. Pollution, prolonged sun exposure, and lack of proper hydration caused by environmental factors can trigger skin concerns.

Sunscreen protects the skin from sun damage. It provides a defense that shields the skin from harmful UV rays. Applying a sunscreen to the skin reduces chances of damage and skin aging. Lotions or skin conditioners help provide long-lasting moisture that prevents drying of skin. Beauty skin care products that contain UV protection are also great products to use to protect your skin from sun damage.

Understanding Skin Types

The five skin types are normal, dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin. Each skin type has characteristics that make them different from the others. There are products that only work well for your skin type. Determine which skin type you have before looking for products to use for skin care. Know your skin better and the best ways to take care of it.

Normal Skin

Normal skin is characterized by a smooth skin texture and a clear, virtually blemish free complexion. It is also uncommon for normal skin to experience skin concerns such as oiliness, dryness, and acne. The essentials such as cleanser, toner, and moisturizers are enough to maintain the health of a normal skin.

Good Skin Care Products for Normal Skin: Aside from the basic products, sunscreen and anti-aging serums are good skin care products to add to your skin care regimen as well. They protect skin from sun damage and slow down skin aging. Use exfoliators once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells.

Woman with clear and radiant skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin looks tight, dull, and may appear scaly. People with this skin type suffer from lack of moisture and hydration. Dry skin has a rough texture and is prone to peeling. This skin type also has nearly invisible pores. When exposed to harsh ingredients, it can react by developing rashes and redness. Extra rich moisturizers and gentle cleansers work best for dry skin.

Good Skin Care Products for Dry Skin: Avoid using cleansers that use harsh or drying ingredients such as sulfate and detergent. There are products specially formulated to help dry skin recover. Hydrating cleansers and heavy moisturizers are best for dry skin. Limit the use of exfoliators to once a week or twice every month. Use moisture-rich face masks every night to soothe dry skin.

Oily Skin

Oily skin happens due to the overproduction of natural oils called sebum. Excess shine and grease on the surface of the skin are some of the common symptoms of oily skin. People with this type of skin often have large noticeable pores. One of the mistakes people make in taking care of oily skin is the use of harsh cleansers. Frequent washing using drying formulas can make oily skin worse too. Frequent washing removes the necessary moisture that the skin needs so it starts to work twice as fast to produce the oils. If you have oily skin, you have to be gentle with it and use mild products that hydrate the skin.

Good Skin Care Products for Oily Skin: Hydration is the key to prevent excessive production of oils on skin. Hydrating beauty skin care products provide water to the deeper layers of skin and regulates its functions such as oil and collagen production. Formulas that bring hydration to skin help keep it soft, smooth, and healthy. Hydrating toners and light serums or essential oils help moisturize the skin without triggering the production of oils.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be troublesome without proper care. It tends to react to harsh skin care products and may cause irritation, redness, rashes, and other skin concerns. People who have sensitive skin prefer natural and organic skin care products due to their nourishing and therapeutic effects. Natural products contain little to no ingredients that can cause sensitive skin reactions.

Good Skin Care Products for Sensitive Skin: Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic are terms that you should look for in your skin care product. These types of beauty skin care products contain little to no ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions. These formulas absorb into the skin well without leaving residues on the surface. Natural products are better since they are safe and effective in skin care. They contain ingredients that provide nourishment where skin needs them the most.

Woman with fair and radiant skin.

Combination Skin

Combination skin happens more often on face. When you have combination skin type your t-zone, comprised by the forehead, nose, and chin, can have oily skin while the rest of the face may experience dryness or a normal skin type. It is harmful to the skin to use different types of product for the face all at once. They can build up on the surface and cause skin reactions. To ensure that the skin receives needed nourishment and moisture well, look for the best skin care brands and products made specifically for combination skin.

Good Skin Care Products for Combination Skin: Combination skin benefits from a simple and basic skin care. It reduces chances of causing irritation. What makes products for combination skin different is the gentleness and mildness of the formulas. Just like in sensitive skin, they ensure that the skin receives the right amount of moisture, hydration, and nourishment without causing irritation. These products are mostly made with oil-free hydrating formulas. The best skin care brands and products help balance the skin as well to keep it toned and moisturized.

What Makes Up a Good Skin Care Routine

Cleansing and moisturizing do not cover all the essentials of skin care. Choosing the right products, using the right beauty skin care products properly, and having a proper diet makes your skin care regimen more effective. Some factors that affect a good skin care routine include:


These products are not just any regular products. The products that you choose for your skin care routine play a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and young. When it comes to skin care, choose the right products and the best skin care brands that suit your skin type. You should also consider factors such as proper usage and where they should be applied.

Ingredients in skin care products are important too. You need to take a good look at the labels of the products that you apply on your skin. Ingredients can determine the effects of the products. Make sure to use products made from high-quality ingredients.

Various products for skin care.


Skin care methods can be classified as basic and advanced. Basic skin care methods are the things that you do on a regular basis to keep skin clean and moisturized. Cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and sun protection are part of your basic skin care. These methods are done on a daily to help maintain a healthier and younger appearance.

Advanced skin care methods involve specialized products, tools, and even the help of a professional. These methods are often more expensive and are done less frequently than basic skin care. Exfoliation, conditioning treatment, dry brushing, and massage are some examples of advanced skin care.

  • Exfoliation – Exfoliation uses products and tools that help remove the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Body scrubs are exfoliators containing ingredients that provide gentle abrasion for the skin. Ingredients that have small particles such as salt and sugar are commonly used to create scrubs. Skin masks are another type of exfoliators that lift off dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. Tools that have textured surface such as the exfoliating gloves make the skin feel smoother to the touch. This method stimulates skin cell renewal to ensure that skin looks radiant and clear.
  • Conditioning Treatment – Conditioning treatments moisturizes, hydrates, and nourishes the skin. It restores the suppleness of the skin and soothes dryness. A conditioning treatment uses essential oils or natural skin masks that are rich in moisture and nutrients. These types of beauty skin care products are typically applied and left on skin for a specific period before being washed off. Conditioning the skin improves its ability to retain water on the surface and deeper layers of the skin. This ensures that the skin receives long-lasting moisture.
  • Dry Brushing – A body brush that has soft bristles does not only help with removing the dead skin cells from the skin. Dry brushing makes the blood flow on the skin better. It stimulates the lymphatic system to speed up the removal of dirt and toxins not good for the body. It gives the skin a healthier complexion and gives it a healthier tone and appearance. The appearance of blemishes such as cellulite and wrinkles improve as well. You can get noticeable results with regular dry brushing.
  • Massage – Massaging the body does not only soothe the muscles. It benefits the skin as well. Good blood flow ensures that the skin receives all the nourishment that it needs. It helps get rid of the dirt and toxins on the skin too, giving it a healthy skin tone and elasticity. Massaging the skin is rejuvenating and gives you a glowing look as well. It relaxes the muscles and improves the firmness of the skin too.

A bottle of skin care product.

Proper Diet

A quick and easy fix for dry and dull skin? Eight glasses of water or more! Keeping your body hydrated helps revive the skin to get rid of the dull look. Other than drinking lots of water, you need to include healthy food in your diet too.

Good skin care products will only get you so far. It is also important to eat food that will nourish your skin. The food that you ingest provides nourishment that helps maintain skin health. Fruits, vegetables, and lean meat are great for the skin. Food high in fiber and protein are especially helpful in keeping the skin healthy and looking young. Tropical fruits and legumes provide vitamins and minerals that battle skin aging and damage. Avoid food and beverages that can dehydrate the body because it can make the skin look dull.

Products for Skin Care

Mall of Cosmetics is home to various beauty skin care products and the best skin care brands. Learn more about good skin care products and their benefits for skin.


skin cleansers sweep away dirt, impurities, and oils that can make skin look dull. They also help remove makeup. Other than leaving the skin looking clear and smooth, cleansing prevents the buildup of acne-causing bacteria. Here are the various cleansers and the advantages of using them.

  • Oil Cleanser – An oil cleanser dissolves the impurities on the skin including dirt and oil that clogs the pores to lift them off easily. Oils are mainly used before using a water-based cleanser to remove makeup. Oil cleansing prevents drying of skin and improves its ability to absorb more products.
  • Water-Based Cleanser – Water-based cleansers use cleansing ingredients such as salicylic acid, sulfate, or detergent to wash the skin. It creates foams or lather that may have active ingredients to get rid of the dirt and oil from the skin.
  • Scrubs – Scrubs are cleansers containing ingredients that give texture to the product. They are safe to use daily without causing dryness of the skin. Compared to an exfoliator, there are less abrasive ingredients in the scrubs. These ingredients may even dissolve when applied to skin. They just provide extra cleansing power.

Cleansing products and sponge.


Exfoliating the skin is the best way to detoxify it. It unclogs the pores, stimulates blood flow, and improves the appearance of skin. Exfoliating products efficiently get rid of dirt, dead skin cells, and pore-clogging oil.

  • Exfoliating Scrubs – Exfoliating scrubs make the skin smooth and soft after use. The abrasive texture of the scrub lifts off dead skin cells and unclogs the pores. It reveals a clear and bright skin tone after. The natural ingredients in exfoliating scrubs improve skin texture and tone. Salt, sugar, coffee, and ground seeds are some of the common ingredients mixed in exfoliating scrubs. This type of product dries the skin, which is why it’s only recommended for weekly use.
  • Peel-Off Masks – Peel-off masks are easy to use. They may come in the form of adhesive sheets or clay that are applied to skin. The mask clings to the outermost layer of the skin to remove the dead skin cells and blemishes such as blackheads. It can be damaging to skin so limit its use to twice a month.
  • Chemical Exfoliation – Chemical exfoliation is just like cleansing due to the lather that you use to wash the face. However, there is a high concentration of an exfoliating chemical like salicylic acid to get rid of the impurities. There’s no need to avoid chemical exfoliators since they can replenish hydration and nourishment to skin well.


Toners help remove excess oil and residue from the skin after cleansing. Most toners have an astringent property that helps minimize the pores and improve skin elasticity. Toners can restore the balance of pH level on your skin to prevent dryness.

While toners leave skin feeling smooth and firm, some products provide hydration to the deeper layers of the skin. It has a very light weight and is readily absorbed by the skin. A toner improves the appearance of redness and dry patches as well.

Moisturizer on hands.


Moisturizers can have different consistencies depending on your skin type. A dry skin benefits most from using a heavy and rich moisturizer while oily skin prefers light hydrating products. Cleansing can remove the necessary moisture on skin. A moisturizer replenishes the moisture on skin and keeps it soft to the touch. Here are the different types of moisturizers.

  • Gels – Gels may appear to have a semi-solid form that dissolves when applied to skin. It has moisturizing ingredients mixed with water, alcohol, or a base made from some type of liquid. Applying it to skin feels cool due to the evaporation of the liquid base. It is very light and makes skin feel silky.
  • Lotion – Lotions are light and absorb well into the skin. It does not leave a greasy residue and it may come with certain fragrances. Lotions are watery formulas that work well during summer or humid days.
  • Creams – Creams suit dry skin the best. It is a rich moisturizer that helps moisturize skin even during winter. It has a thick consistency that provides long-lasting moisture. Compared to using a lotion or gel, the skin feels velvety after applying a cream.
  • Ointments – Ointments are mostly used to treat certain skin concerns such as major skin dryness or psoriasis. It has a heavy consistency that soothes the affected area. It might feel sticky due to the high content of oil.
  • Essential Oils – Essential oils are versatile and each product may have various effects on the user. Some light oils do not leave oily residues. For dry skin, thick essential oils work best. Aside from moisturizing the skin, they provide therapeutic effects that soothe skin concerns.
  • Essence – Essences are like serums in a way because of the concentration of active ingredients. They absorb fast into the skin but they may come in thick or light liquids. Essences provide extra hydration for the skin. You can get them as products or you can get from face masks.
  • Sunscreen – A sunscreen may come in the form of a spray or a lotion. It moisturizes skin while delivering ingredients that protect it from sun damage. Sunscreens have SPF or sun protection factor. It indicates how long or how well the product can shield the skin from harmful UV ways. When choosing a sunscreen, pick one that is made for broad-spectrum protection. It defends the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

A drop of lightweight essential oil.


Serums contain a concentrated amount of active ingredients. They target specific concerns such as skin aging or other skin concerns. They provide hydration to the deeper layers of the skin as well. The formula of a serum is made to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin fast. This helps deliver the needed nourishment to the deeper layers of the skin.

  • Anti-Aging Serum – Anti-aging serum provides an abundance of antioxidants. This slows down skin aging and helps maintain the youthful appearance of skin. An anti-aging serum prevents the problem from happening or getting worse by providing defense against free radicals.
  • Treatment Serum – Treatment serums address certain skin care concerns such as blemishes. Most serums help fade evident signs of skin aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Serums can treat blemishes such as sun spot damage, hyperpigmentation, and acne too.

Other Skin Care Products

These are not the only skin care products that can provide what you need. There are tanning products that can give you a temporary change in skin tone. Tanning products may have the form of sprays or lotions. The darker pigmentation sticks to the skin and makes it look like a natural tan. This is preferred by people who are prone to sunburn and damage when exposed to the sun for a long time. After sun products such as Aloe Vera gel is another skin care product you can try to get instant relief from sunburn.

Remember that when choosing skin care products, natural formulas are better for the skin. High-quality products are not necessarily expensive. Many affordable skin care products provide safer and better effects. Discover which products are best for an effective skin care. Build the ultimate routine that gives you a radiant skin!