Mall of Cosmetics - Top Trends in Hair Care

Top Trends in Hair Care

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With the birth of a new year, comes a new roundup of trends for beauty and fashion. Beauty geeks look forward to this time of the year. As summer approaches, experts reveal the styles and methods that will surely spark and blaze into a huge fashion statement this 2017.

There’s excitement even in beauty regimens. Enthusiasts of hair care share some of the hottest methods and helpful tips you can try to level up your hair care routine. Feeling left behind? Here are some of the top trends in hair care that you will surely want to try.

Mall of Cosmetics - Top Trends in Hair Care

Wonders of Essential Oils for Hair Care

Essential oils are not only great for the skin. It has recently risen to the forefront of the top hair products in the market. There’s an undeniable advantage of using essential oils for the hair. They do not only bring moisture but also works on nourishing the hair.

Aside from coconut oil, there are more extracts and essences that prove to be nurturing for the hair and scalp. Using essential oils bring instant but long-lasting results that rival those of professional salons. The therapeutic effects that essential oils bring are also effective in treating the hair. Of course, there are also products infused with essences. They have boosted effects for the hair and scalp. Revive dull and tired tresses with the variety of oils available for you.

Growing Choices for Men Hair Care Products

Women are not the only ones who invest in an effective hair care. Even men recognize the merits of investing in routines. This is why there is also a growing demand for hair care products for men. The market for men haircare expanded during the year 2015 and continues to grow which is why brands are now producing collections and items made especially for men.

With more brands venturing into men haircare, there are now more products available in the market. There are also studies showing that most men prefer using products that are convenient.

Mall of Cosmetics - Top Trends in Hair Care

Gentle Scalp Care for Healthy Hair Growth

The key in promoting the healthy growth of your tresses starts with nourishing the scalp. When the scalp is healthy and cared for, there are more chances for the hair to grow stronger and healthier. Scalp care is now one of the hottest trends in hair care nowadays. It is not only the hair that is nourished and protected but also the scalp.

Root of hair problems can often be traced back to the scalp. There are a lot of products that focuses on nourishing and protecting the scalp from damages. Formulas that boost blood flow in the scalp are popular. This is due to their ability to improve the health of scalp and hair.

Hair Treatment Products

Hair gets damaged by several factors including hair products that you use. Some of the most probable causes of hair damage include too much heat, exposure to sun, chemicals, and the lack of hair care routine. To repair these damages, there are hair treatment products in the market. They come in various forms such as shampoos, oils, conditioners, serums, and much more. Hair treatment products bring solutions to specific hair care issues.

Regular use of hair treatment products will show results. Normal formulas do not bring the same efficiency that these products deliver.

Masks for Healthier Hair

Masks are not only for face anymore. Today, you can even buy hair masks that help improve the texture, shine, and volume of your tresses. Most hair masks contain ingredients that help moisturize and nourish hair from roots to tips. Hair masks bring great results. You can use them to make your hair softer, shinier, and smoother. Some hair masks also help repair hair damage.

Hair masks do not only help your hair. You can use them to treat your scalp too. This can help promote healthy hair growth. Using hair masks can stimulate hair follicles to grow stronger and thicker strands. This reduces breakage and prevents hair loss.

Mall of Cosmetics - Top Trends in Hair Care

Products that Protect Hair from Color Fading

Summer means beaches, pools, and the scorching heat of the sun. Exposing your hair to the salty seawater, chlorine-infused pool water, and high heat can cause damage not only to your strands but also to the color of your hair. They turn dull and tired and lose their healthy glow. There are now products that help keep the unique color of your hair. Although they are especially popular during summers, you can use them all year long. Check out some products you’d want to use in the Hair Care section of Mall of Cosmetics.