Mall of Cosmetics - Bath and Body Luxuries for Cheap Prices

Bath and Body Luxuries for Cheap Prices

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If bath and pampering sessions are the only luxuries you can afford to do with a tight budget and a busy schedule, then you’d be happy to discover this list of cheap bath and body products. When it comes to spa-like rich experience and results that rival those of professional salons, then these goodies are the perfect items to add …

Mall of Cosmetics - Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

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Whether it’s your everyday routine or even when it’s for traveling, you might find yourself in a pickle trying to fit everything that you think you need in such a small space. Women have been known to perfect the art of storing essentials and other personal care products in their bags. Cluttered bags does not only make it hard to …

Cheat Sheet for Effortless Makeup Transformation

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Beauty buffs, take a pause and let’s review just how much we’re wasting our time applying makeup just to look different. Reports say that women spend an estimated two years of their lives just… putting on cosmetics. On average, women take 55 minutes working on transforming their looks. That’s a lot of time that you could’ve spent doing more productive …

Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

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We’re all a little crazy about products that you can use for other purposes. Ever heard about lip balms as tamers of unruly baby hairs? No? Then you’re missing out big time! There are actually a lot of weird yet really amazing uses for the usual beauty products that you can find inside your bag or in your shelves. Being …

Mall of Cosmetics - Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

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Shedding hair every time you shower? It’s not a simple issue of not enough nourishment. There are other factors that might be affecting your hair loss. Weak hair strands are results of not properly taking care of the hair. Hair loss is a common issue among men and women of all ages. There’s no exception to this dilemma. You can …

Mall of Cosmetics - Vitamin C Serum - What It Can Do For Your Skin

Vitamin C Serum: What It Can Do For Your Skin

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There’s no need to drag your looks down the drain as you mature. Betray your age and look youthful by using the right products that will transform dull and dry skin into soft flesh with a healthy glow. Vitamin C serum is one of the latest inventions in the field of beauty and skin care. It packs a whole load …