Why You Need to Purchase Products Made in the US

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The beauty industry offers lots of products like skin care and cosmetics that you can pick from. With a wide array of goods in the market, you will surely enjoy trying out each one. As they are made with different ingredients and formulas, each one may produce different results. But even the country where it is created makes a difference in how you can enjoy it.

Here are some of the best reasons why you need to purchase products that are made in the US:

Why You Need to Purchase Products Made in the US1. Buying US-made products help create jobs.

According to a recent survey conducted by ABC World news, if every American spent an extra $4.44 on U.S made products in a year, it can create 10,000 new jobs. Buying the USA made brand creates local jobs that help sustain the economy.

2. Buying US-made products is good for the environment.

Instead of outsourcing jobs and creating more carbon footprint, more companies would be interested in creating jobs in the US thus reducing carbon footprint.  Using raw materials made in the US instead of the ones shipped from China and different parts of the world will lessen the need for petroleum usage and gas emissions.

Why You Need to Purchase Products Made in the US

3. US-made products support safe, fair and ethical working conditions.

Unlike other countries that do not follow labor regulations, the United States has made sure to make labor regulations safe for people working in the US. This means that there are no unfair working hours and child labor is not practiced in the US. By supporting the US made products, you are supporting safe working conditions and child labor laws.


Why You Need to Purchase Products Made in the US

4. Buying US-made products help boost economy.

Instead of transferring economic wealth to another country, you ensure that the money will stay in the US. The money earned is retained and used effectively inside the country making it an ideal way to shop.

5. US-made products are high-quality products.

Products made in the US apart from supporting the local economy are also guaranteed to be made of premium and high-quality ingredients. If you want to make sure that the product you purchased is effective, buy in the US.

6. Products made in US are fresh and safe.

It’s best to buy products made locally. This helps minimize risks of getting spoiled or contaminated products. Brands can monitor the quality and freshness of their products. US also imposes quality and safety standards in cosmetics. Products made in US are only released when they passed these tests. This filters out products that can be potentially harmful to customers.