Mall of Cosmetics - Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

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While you can still feel confident even in your own, natural skin, there are just times that you’re assaulted with a wave of insecurity. Every woman has episodes of self-doubt and feeling ugly. Of course, standing up and looking beautiful is a skill innate to women. But it’s not simple magic to still slay the day with a flawless look despite feeling down.

Makeup and beauty products are just what you need to conquer the day. No need for salons or spas. You, yourself can transform any bad day into something magical. Cover up blemishes and those dark bags to look your best. These few goodies will save your day from getting worse. Know about these must-have products for your makeup bag!

 Mall of Cosmetics - Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

#1 Cleansers

One of the rules of applying makeup is that you need to always start with a clean slate. Your face is your canvas and cleansers make sure that dirt, excess oil, and other forms of impurities do not damage it in the long run. It also saves you from getting that ugly shine caused by excessive oiling. If you’re the kind who’s always out and about then cleansing pads are just perfect for you.

#2 Lip Balm

Even if you’re going to wear a lipstick, remember to bring a lip balm everywhere you go. Keep those lips moisturized. Lip balms also have other weird uses that you might find helpful aside from protecting your lips from drying and chapping.

#3 Face Moisturizer with SPF

With the known dangers of being exposed to the sun, there’s a great need for us to stock up on beauty products with high and wide spectrum SPF. Face moisturizers are a must-have when it comes to beauty care. Aside from giving you that soft and moist look, it also prevents the onset of skin aging.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

#4 Foundation

Your makeup’s never complete without a foundation to act as the base of the whole ensemble. Pick the right tone for your skin. You can always consult professionals about what tone suits you best. Or if you’re winging it alone, you can also do this trick.

Trick: Swipe a foundation on your jawline in a vertical line. Pick the foundation that closely resembles your skin tone. It will look almost invisible and once you find this product, grab it immediately!

#5 Concealer

Blemishes and dark bags just ruin the flawless look that you’re going for. You can’t help if there are zits and acnes that just pop up when you wake up in the morning. Even when your sunken and dark under eye bags make you feel like there’s no way you can look your best today, concealers will lift your spirits up.

#6 Blush-On

Look alive and refreshing with a splash of mild color on your cheeks. Blush-ons will give you that natural glow without going for too much trouble. You will also enjoy using different varieties of blushes. If you want to save some space in your bag, you can simply use a lip stain that works just as well in giving your cheeks some color.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

#7 Lipstick/Lip Gloss/Lip Stain

Having pouty and supple-looking lips give you a boost in confidence. It gives your appeal some character depending on which color you’re going for. Red is for fierceness, pink for daintiness, and nude for a cool and chic style.

#8 Eyeliner & Mascara

Make your eyes pop and captivate the people around you with a swish of your mascara wand. What’s so exciting about makeup is that it transforms your look with a few touch of color. You can make your eyes sharper or wider with just eyeliners. It changes your whole visage.

Trick: If you want fuller lashes, apply loose powder on it before putting on some mascara. It will make your lashes stick together and have thicker volumes.

#9 Eyeshadow

If you’re not too much into liners and mascaras, another way that you can define your eyes is through eyeshadows. Just make sure that it complements the color palette of your face. Your lipstick color must match that of your eyeshadow. It should also balance out your blush-on.

#10 Primer

Primers are so underrated. Very few appreciates their benefits for skin, especially when applying makeup. Having smaller pores and smoother skin texture helps your makeup last longer. Plus, it helps that your skin stays moisturized all day long.

Here are just the essentials that you need to have for your makeup bag. You can always add more to the collection. Expand your arsenal of beauty weapons! Just remember to always have these products with you in case you run into trouble or needs to lift your spirits up.