Bearded Man in Front of Barber Shop

Men’s Guide to Handsome Facial Hair

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People notice the face first when meeting someone. Even when you’re just walking on the street and accidentally caught the eyes of another, you often draw up first impressions with just one glance. The structure of the face influences how you perceive another person to be. This is why bearded men are often seen as having power, confidence, and even intelligence.

Even as a man, you become aware of how people look at you. And with beards and facial hair still getting popular this year, we’re drawing standards of what smooth and attractive beards should look like. For starters, learning how to manage and style your beard is still the most important part of your facial hair care. Here’s a pro’s guide to an all-around beard care.

Bearded Man in Front of Barber Shop

Everyday Hustle With the Beard

Taking care of your beard means knowing what it needs. And when it comes to daily routines, you need to master the basics of handling your beard daily. Here are the essentials you need to learn about.

  1. Gently washing the beard every morning ensures the removal of dirt, oil, and flakes trapped in the beard. This is important so you wouldn’t suffer from itchiness and irritation. It also helps coarse hair smoothen out.
  2. Conditioning the beard after washing is just as important. It gives back the moisture that it lost during the process. Once the strands get dry and dull, moisturizers restore the life to the beard.
  3. Daily combing does not only remove tangles and knots but it also helps smooth out any wild hair that goes astray. Of course, make sure to use gentle beard combs to avoid aggravating damages.
  4. Styling the beard means using products that also protect the hair from dirt, heat, and even the daily grime that facial hair comes into contact with during the day.
  5. Night treatments include slapping on some beard oil to keep facial hair moisturized even at night and waking up to a soft and silky beard.
  6. It’s important to always apply oils or other products that help moisture skin under the beard too. Your skin suffers from rough facial hair texture. Flakes and product residue can irritate the skin too. Applying moisturizing products help prevent irritation or itchiness.

Beard Oil

Weekly Facial Hair Care

Following a regimen also means practices you need to do every week, month, or year. There are things that you can only do for a week, like exfoliating the skin. But these are as important as your daily routine so make sure to stick to these practices for your weekly routine!

  1. Keep the shape of your beard by trimming strands that make the beard lose its shape. Beards grow slow but a week’s worth of growth destroys the shape you’re aiming for.
  2. Deep condition facial hair once a week. Since the strands are a lot coarser and frizzy, you can use this method to help the skin produce more oils that flow freely through the strands of facial hair.
  3. Treat your skin right by putting on some damage-controlling oils at least twice a week. Do you know that your skin suffers from itching because of your beard? Control irritation before it gets worse.

Beard Balm

Monthly Beard Care

Of course, aside from the normal routine that you go through day by day, there are also steps that you need to do monthly or annually.

  1. Every few months, shave or trim your beard. This helps control the hair damage and prevents it from spreading. Split ends and weak tips of the strands tend to go up the shaft towards the roots.
  2. Evaluate the shape and length of your beard every 6 months. There are specific facial hair styles that follow certain shapes and length. For example, Bandholz style has fuller and longer beard. At six months, you should be able to achieve the desired length for this style. You can change your beard style or just get a trim to control hair damage.
  3. Consult a professional regarding the best style that fits you. You can do this every few months or annually. Of course, beards also tend to get out of style. If you are committing to having a beard for long term, its best that you know which styles are best suited for you.