How to Take an Insta-Worthy Selfie

We’re on vacation, in an A-List party, or showing off our #fotd (face of the day)—these are some of the reasons why we love taking selfies. It’s one way of showing the world that we have a beautiful face or that we’re in a beautiful place. But sometimes, we take dozens of selfies only to find out that none of them are worthy of being posted on our social networks.

We look through our Instagram feed and see people—professional models or supermodels in their own right—and feel envious that they’ve got their selfie game going strong. Don’t worry; you’ll be able to join the ranks of great selfies if you follow these tips.

How to Take an Insta-Worthy Selfie

Find a Good Lighting (or Make One)

Most of the time, it’s all about the lighting. The right amount of light, including its position, can give you a flattering look or highlight your appealing points. Look for a light source that can soften your features and create the least amount of shadow unless you want a dramatic effect.

If the light is too strong, use a thin sheet or a curtain to diffuse the light and make it softer. It’s also an absolute no-no to use flash when you’re taking a selfie. It tends to highlight your less favorite facial features—including oily skin, acne, and fine lines. Not to mention the horrible red eye effect.

When there’s no light available, you can always buy artificial light fit for portrait photography.

Angle Down

Move your phone or camera around to see which angle fits you best. But the best angle to go for is when the camera is slightly above eye level and facing down at you. This makes your eyes look slightly bigger and gives your face an angular effect.

When you want to take a side photo, be sure to close in on your face just a bit. Don’t take a selfie of your entire cheek. This will give you an unflattering shot.

Head Tilt

Aside from moving your camera in different angles and positions, you can also move your head around. Tilting your head makes you look cute and endearing. You can also tilt your head down and have a knowing, mischievous look. Moving your head upward and slightly to the side will give the viewer an impression that you’re trendy and confident.

How to Take an Insta-Worthy Selfie

Use the right Skincare Products to Have Clear Skin

Your natural face is your best look to post on social media. The trick here lies in having a good diet, exercising regularly, and using the best skincare products for your skin. Mall of Cosmetics offers a variety of skincare products from different brands. You don’t have to worry about the camera getting your zits instead of your smile.

Find makeup that enhances your beauty

Combined with a daily skin care regimen and other healthy choices, you can use makeup to highlight your favorite facial features.

What you need to be mindful of is the amount of foundation you’ll put on your face. It might look too thick in front of the camera. Cover your face evenly. Choose what part of your face you want to focus on. Do you want your eyes or your lips to tell the world, “I am beautiful”?

If you’re aiming for your eyes, use an iridescent eyeshadow of your choice. Line your upper eyelid with black eyeliner. You can also use white eyeliner on the corner of your eye and the bottom lash line to make your eyes look bigger and rounder.

If it’s the lips you’d want to focus on, simply pick a bold color with soft undertones. Spare the world the duckface and work on show everyone your killer smile.

Have an Interesting Pose or Background

You’re on vacation in, let’s say, Maldives. You’d want a photo with the sand and the sea, but no one’s there to take a photo of you. A little bit of photography know-how can help in this situation. Learning about the rule of thirds and composition can help you get the best selfies with the most beautiful woman of all: Mother Nature.

Be creative and angle your camera in such a way that you and the scenery will have a balanced shot.

Post in Front of a Mirror

A full-body selfie may be daunting, but it’s easier than it looks. Stand in a casual pose with one hip raised higher than the other. Move your opposite shoulder in front and rest your free hand on your angled hip. Now you’re ready to take a shot and show off that beautiful body and outfit of yours!

Play with Filters

This is the opposite of the #nofilter selfie. Filters are a girl’s favorite feature to tinker with. It hides their imperfections and highlights their best features. There are several filters alone on Instagram to try out. There are also hundreds of apps that offer amazing filters and more.

Flaunt It

Sometimes the angle or the lighting won’t matter. Even in the worst angles, if you look good, the camera will capture it. Even photos capture the emotions and the personality of an individual. Your pictures can show the glimmer in your eyes or the mischievous tilt of your lips. Your confidence and the impression you’re going for shows in your selfie. Your confidence will be the most obvious element in your selfie.

How to Take an Insta-Worthy Selfie

Just Have Fun!

At the end of it all, what matters is that you’re just having fun with your selfie. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. Just get your phone or camera, and then shoot away! Your beauty is something worth celebrating about. And what better way than to celebrate it with a selfie?