Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

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We’re all a little crazy about products that you can use for other purposes. Ever heard about lip balms as tamers of unruly baby hairs? No? Then you’re missing out big time! There are actually a lot of weird yet really amazing uses for the usual beauty products that you can find inside your bag or in your shelves. Being creative and going out of the box surely has its perks.

Learn more about the secret uses of beauty products that just might save your day!

 Mall of Cosmetics - Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

Multi-Tasking Lip Balm

If you think that lip balms are only meant for soothing dry and cracking lips, there are also other uses for this beauty item. If you’re out of wax or hairspray and your hair just decides to go wild, you can use lip balms to sleek back those stubborn strands. This is also a great product to straighten your brows that are all over the place. Can’t help but nick yourself when shaving? Use lip balms to soothe and heal them faster.

Handy Mascara

There’s no real danger in losing your eyeliner or in having different colored roots. But just in case you need help in these departments, consider using a mascara. If you’re a brunette, or if you have black hair, and you somehow find yourself troubling over hair roots that have a different color, mascara will help you mask those strands temporarily.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

It also works as waterproof eyeliner. You just need to have some liner brush at hand and voila! Instant replacement for an eyeliner.

Eye Shadow to Conceal Hair Roots

If you missed your weekly appointment with your hair stylist, don’t worry, your eyeshadow can save you from having disastrous hair color. You can use it to conceal hair roots so they don’t look as obvious. This works especially if you have contrasting hair colors. It helps to touch up your roots so you look great especially if you are to attend special occasions.

All-Around Uses for Conditioners

Aside from giving your tresses some healthy shine and a bouncy flair, it’s time for the conditioner to work its wonders on your personal care regimen or in household chores. This is a great replacement for shaving creams. Other than cushioning the friction of the blade to avoid harsh abrasion, it also softens the skin. Using it leaves your skin softer and smoother.

When you’re out of clothes conditioners to use, adding a bit of hair conditioner to a certain amount of water will give you a formula for washing your clothes or to spray on dry linens for an added scent and softness. This is also a gentle makeup remover that promises efficiency without stripping it off of its natural moisture.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

Deodorant’s Surprising Uses

Want to wear that pair of shoes but does not have any will to suffer from blisters? Your choice of deodorant will save you. It doesn’t matter if it is unscented or not, applying this on the sides of your feet before wearing the shoes creates a barrier that will protect your skin from sores. This is also great for solving stuck zippers.

If this product works on underarm odor, you bet that it is also effective against feet wetness and odor. This might also just save you from the woes of itching caused by insect bites when you’re camping, or outdoors.

There are a lot more products and tools that have surprising uses aside from helping amp up your looks. Let your imagination run wild but also take note to remember if using these products for a particular purpose might cause harm.