Mall of Cosmetics - Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

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Whether it’s your everyday routine or even when it’s for traveling, you might find yourself in a pickle trying to fit everything that you think you need in such a small space. Women have been known to perfect the art of storing essentials and other personal care products in their bags.

Cluttered bags does not only make it hard to search whatever it is you’re looking for but they can also damage the things inside your bag. This is why it is important to keep your bag, from handbags to suitcases, organized. Know which pockets contain keys or wallets and take everything you might need without going overboard. Learn about these tricks and great tips that will help you fit all of the things you need in tight spaces.

Mall of Cosmetics - Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

Choosing the Right Kind of Bag

This is the most important step in this guide. You need to know what you will be using the bag for and to choose its right kind. For suitcases, there are the hard covered ones and also suitcases made from soft material that expands to accommodate the items inside. Look for those that are durable and long-lasting.

Packing Bare Essentials and Personal Items

If you’re someone who likes to be ready and prepared for any emergencies that may come later during the day or week, then you’re probably one of those who stuff their bags full. Some of us just can’t shake the feeling of needing personal care products and other essentials. But there’s the dilemma of having such a small space for your everyday backpack, carry-ons or a suitcase. Here are some of the great tips we’ve got for you.

Mall of Cosmetics - Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

  • Repack beauty products into smaller bottles. You don’t need to bring a whole bottle of toner all day long do you? Instead of wasting space bringing an amount that you won’t need, just take small containers filled with just enough to last you for a week or so. Beauty products and other things like alcohols that are dispensed are better stored in smaller storages. Make sure to pack liquids correctly so it doesn’t spill.

Trick: You can put lip balms and lipsticks in palettes. It makes it easier for you to bring various colors if you want a retouch of different tones without taking a lot of tubes.

  • Buy a card holder or a binder with pockets for cards or coupons. Your wallet will always be an essential that you need to have in your bag. But if it’s full of cards, receipts, or pictures, it might look like it will burst and this takes too much space inside your bag. Instead, buy a cardholder or a binder that you can fill with cards, coupons, or memorabilia that you like to bring every day. It does not only save space, it will also help you organize your things.

Trick: If you bring notebooks with you, choose those that have pockets on the covers. This is where you can store some receipts and other papers or coupons you always bring with you.

Mall of Cosmetics - Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

  • Ditch laptop bags or other unnecessary items. If you’ve got a laptop and you need it with you for the day or for the duration of your travel, you can just ditch laptop bags. Instead, opt for bags that have storage or pockets for laptops. But you also need to make sure that your laptop and other gadgets are protected well. You also need to consider other things that you might not actually need.
  • Have small bags or purses for products or things of the same kind. It is best to put together things of the same kind and separate them from the others. For example, you can use a small purse or a container bag for your personal care products such as cleansers, combs, makeups, and others. This also works for suitcases. Have space-saving bags for your essentials. Packing cubes are some of the great choices out there. It helps you manage space and even organizes your things by category.
  • Roll your garments. This is a neat trick that the military is familiar with. Rolling your clothes and towels actually saves more space compared to ordinary folds. The ordinary way you fold clothes doesn’t maximize the space in the bag. Rolling your garments makes it easier for you to look through clothes and grab one as well.

Mall of Cosmetics - Great Tips on Packing Personal Items on Small Spaces

Trick: Roll smaller items into larger items. It helps save space and will even help you avoid any wrinkles once you’ve taken them out of your bag. For example, you can lay socks and handkerchief inside a tshirt and roll it. If you will be gone only for a few days, you can choose your outfits before packing. This way, you can roll jeans, undergarments, and tops together.

  • Use all the available spaces. There are actually a lot of spaces that you haven’t thought of using. If you’re bringing shoes with you, you can put rolled up socks inside. Here’s another tip. Instead of rolling up belts, line it up on the sides of a bag or a suitcase. Maximize every available space and make sure that they are easy to get out.

Trick: Put bare essentials and other things like coin purse or tissues in outside pockets. It prevents you from having to search for these items inside your bag.

Travelling is easier when you have an organized bag. You don’t have to sift through several clothes and accessories. It is easier to pack too! You don’t have to allot time packing your clothes when you’re about to go home. A light and organized travel pack can reduce stress and anxiety when travelling too!