Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

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If there’s any hair style that personifies both elegance and charm, it would be braids. An iconic fashion for hair, there’s a variety of styles that capture the unique character of a person ranging from prim and proper to wild and free. But there are styles that are just hard to create. Whether it’s your lack of skills or due to your damaged hair, one thing’s for sure, hair oils help you style a masterpiece out of your tresses.

Braids are popular because the styles truly embody the art of hair fashion. Mastering the craft of braiding requires the right tools and even talent to turn frizzy hair into a piece of beauty. From simple styles to waterfall and other intricate or chic varieties, here’s how hair oils help you achieve that embellished braid.

Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Softening Your Tresses for Long-Lasting Silkiness

Simply making your hair retain a certain shape is not enough. If you’re pressed for time and still want to be as fashionable and chic as possible, then braids are your go-to style. There are times that you’ll get frustrated with your hair. But avoid the temptation of pulling it out.

Soft and silky locks are not easy to achieve. There’s a lot of effort that goes into maintaining the softness of your hair. The most important element is moisture. While conditioners help moisturize the hair, few of these products deliver effects that last up to the end of the day. Most of the formulas also do not condition and seep through the scalp but rather, create a layer of buildup that may turn into dandruff and flaking.

You see how hair oils work? These are natural moisturizers that are extremely light for the hair and scalp. They also preserve the natural oils found in your hair that will keep them soft all throughout the day.

Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Improving the Resilience of Strands

Styling your hair into any shape or fashion causes damage. This happens especially when the strands are weak and lost their resilience. Pulling your hair or putting it in tight positions cause damage and even results to hair fall. You can blame it on the lack of nourishment, your harsh treatment, or simply, on the issues that you haven’t had time to solve yet.

Remember that your locks return the love and care that you’re showering it with. Hair oils are the product that perfectly sums up what pampering means. Nurturing and moisturizing each strand from roots to tips, there will be no shortage of nourishment. Your hair receives the vitamins and minerals that these oils contain.

Your hair needs proteins and minerals to grow healthy and strong. And if hair products can’t deliver these goods, then hair oils surely can. In fact, some of the commercial formulas on the market do more harm than good, introducing toxins and other chemicals that destroy or slows down the natural processes of the scalp linked to promoting hair growth.

Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Hair Oils as Natural Hair Styling Product

You’ve probably been too familiar with styling products like hair sprays or gels. But these things damage your hair. Although they do their job perfectly, letting you manage your hair into perfection, you’d be conscious to protect your tresses from long-term damages.

Hair oils work both as a leave-in conditioner and as a product that helps hair stay in place. Those baby hairs and frizzy strands submit to the powers of oils. It is your best bet if you’re attending an event where you just want to wear an elegant and crisp look supported by a well-groomed hairstyle.

Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Make Your Braids Smell As Good As They Look

Of course, the craft of braiding does not end in simply creating the perfect style. You’d want to leave the audience in stupor once you’ve passed them. What’s more appealing than a shiny and healthy hair that also smells good?

Mixing your favorite oil with rose water or other lighter liquids and putting a few spritz of this mixture on your hair gives it that soothing fragrance that just attracts the people around you. Be the star of the show by sporting a perfectly crafted braid with your favorite hair oils!

Whether it’s a simple night out, a party, a special occasion, or your wedding, braids are never out of style. You can always style your hair in a braid and achieve the look you are going for.