Mall of Cosmetics - Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

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Shedding hair every time you shower? It’s not a simple issue of not enough nourishment. There are other factors that might be affecting your hair loss. Weak hair strands are results of not properly taking care of the hair.

Hair loss is a common issue among men and women of all ages. There’s no exception to this dilemma. You can treat this condition by taking some medication or undergoing therapy. But if you’re into more natural methods, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some easy and natural methods that will help you fix your hair concern.

Mall of Cosmetics - Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

Treating the Hair and Scalp Gently

One of the best ways that you can ensure the prevention of hair loss is to treat your hair gently. This does not only mean that you need to brush your hair properly using tender strokes. But this is not all there is to it. This also means that you need to avoid exposing hair from too much heat. Cut down the use of high heat dryers or irons.

Remember not to pull the hair too tight. This does not only stretch the strands but this also damages the hair. Avoid hair treatment formulas or coloring. They often contain chemicals that can damage the strands and even the hair follicles. This leads to weaker grip of the roots to the scalp. If you plan on coloring or bleaching your hair, make sure to use products that will not cause much harm.

Mall of Cosmetics - Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

Understanding Hair Care Needs

While there are common products you’ve always been familiar with, you might need to stop using them. This is because they might not be what your hair really needs. First, consider your hair type and the formula that fits it best. For dry hair, use moisturizing hair products that will not damage the scalp. Mild formulas are the best choice.

Condition the hair greatly and remember that you need to avoid products that contain chemicals or other toxic ingredients. This also works with using the right tools and accessories for your hair. These tools include the comb or brush that you’re using.

When your hair is wet, you need to avoid brushing it. This is because the strands are weaker, and therefore, more prone to breakage when wet.

Mall of Cosmetics - Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

Treating the Hair with Some Luxuries

These luxuries are not only something you can enjoy. They also add up to preventing hair loss. Massaging the scalp using a homemade blend or a ready-made product helps stimulate blood flow in the scalp. This promotes healthy hair growth and also delivers the necessary nutrients all over the scalp and into the hair roots.

A Balanced Diet

While this may not sound as important, having a balanced diet actually helps a lot when it comes to preventing hair loss. One of the possible causes of hair fall is that there are not enough vitamins and minerals in the body that are essential to the health and strength of the hair.

Protein, as an example, is vital for the strength of the strands. When supplied in adequate amounts, it makes hair strands more resilient against damages. Avoid eating foods and drinks that cause the loss of these nutrients or induce hair fall. Stack up on iron, protein and omega-3 fatty acids. They are all vital for hair health.