Everything You Need to Know About Hair Care

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Get beautiful hair that shines with a good hair care routine. Hair needs to be clean, moisturized and nourished to maintain its health. Have strong and lustrous hair by using the right products and methods for your hair type. Find everything you need to make your hair healthy, shiny, and vibrant at Mall of Cosmetics.

Build the ultimate hair care routine with the right information and discover tips to improve hair health and appearance. Enjoy healthy and strong hair every day!

Guide to Hair Types

Great hair starts with a great hair care routine. Suitable products and methods for hair care depend on your hair type. Know about the various hair types and their characteristics to understand what they need the most.

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There are four different types of hair – straight, wavy, curly, and kinky. The difference lies in shape of the strands or curls of the hair. These curls are determined by the number of disulfide bonds. These bonds cause the curling or bending of hair into s-shapes. More disulfide bonds mean curlier hair. The bonds make it hard for moisture to travel down into the length of your hair as well.

The four hair types react differently to methods and products. Learn about these hair types and their basic needs here.

Straight Hair

Straight hair is characterized by strands that do not curl or bend. This hair type shines the most and does not have disulfide bonds. Because of this, straight hair falls naturally down your back. It is the softest and smoothest hair among all hair types too. The moisture travels easily from the scalp to the tips of the hair.

Straight hair is easy to manage but hard to style. The strands are stubborn against styling techniques. There are also issues you can experience with straight hair. Oily, limp, and frizzy hair is a common concern.

Products for Straight Hair:

To avoid bad hair days, use gentle cleansers or shampoos every day. Dry shampoo is a great product to cleanse hair with because it adds volume to hair as well. Make sure to moisturize hair and use some heat protectants before using a hairdryer.

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is drier than straight hair and has less sheen. However, those gorgeous waves are very classy and easy to style. This hair type lies in the middle of a straight hair and curly hair. It is prone to frizzing and drying due to the number of disulfide bonds in the strands. Humidity can easily affect wavy hair and make it frizzy. If you have wavy hair, you might want to reduce the days that you use a shampoo. Every other day is enough to cleanse hair efficiently.

Products for Wavy Hair:

If you have wavy hair, use products that protect hair from heat and humidity. It is important to apply some heat-protectant formula to hair before using a hairdryer or iron. Use a gentle and hydrating shampoo. Pair it up with a conditioner that is light on the hair. Apply hot oil every week to keep wavy hair soft and smooth to the touch.

Beautiful girl with healthy, wavy hair.

Curly Hair

Curly hair is known for the beautiful s-shaped strands. The defined shape of the hair is very flattering. This hair type is full-bodied and has great volume. However, you can experience dryness and split-ends often. Curly hair is frizzy most of the time and it is very hard to style. The curls are defined but they lose their shape without proper hair care.

Products for Curly Hair:

When choosing a shampoo for curly hair, look for products that do not contain drying ingredients. These ingredients include sulfate and alcohol. A hydrating shampoo is best for curly hair. It cleanses dirt and oil while keeping it moisturized. Oils are good conditioners to help moisturize the hair. If you use moisturizing creams, look for light formulas that make hair soft but not oily. Frizz-fighting formulas are great for curly hair too. Styling products that tame frizzy hair are recommended.

Kinky Hair

Kinky hair is the curliest among all hair types. The curls are hard to manage and seem to defy gravity. However, kinky hair is very unique. Tightly coiled strands make for afro hairstyles that frame the face. Kinky hair might seem very stubborn but it requires gentleness. It is very easy to damage and break. When taking care of kinky hair, it is important to be delicate and always remember to be gentle when touching or styling the hair.

Products for Kinky Hair:

To protect kinky hair from damage, use products that are hydrating without containing chemicals. You can also choose not to use cleansing formulas. Curly hair is very brittle and dryness causes damage. Conditioners, styling creams, and frizz-fighters are highly recommended. Natural oils, butter, and rich moisturizers are the key to keeping kinky hair healthy and beautiful!

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Maintaining Healthy Hair

A good hair care routine makes use of the right products and methods of hair care. Other than cleansing and moisturizing, you also need to consider factors such as diet, lifestyle, and other activities to keep hair healthy and strong. Learn how to maintain healthy hair with the right information and some tips.

  • Cleanse – To cleanse the hair means using products that get rid of dirt, toxins, and excess oils on hair and scalp. The buildup of dirt on hair can cause dandruff. Residues of hair products can contribute to the buildup of these flakes as well. Cleansing is healthy for hair when done properly. Shampoos can dry the hair and cause damage. To avoid breakage, pick gentle cleansers that nourish the hair.
  • Condition – Keep hair soft and smooth by using the right conditioners. This type of product does not only moisturize hair but also retain it for long-lasting moisture. Suitable conditioners improve hair texture and shine. Choose light formulas that moisturize hair without making it oily. Look for products that are humectant to preserve the moisture of hair all day long.
  • Treatment – When choosing products, you should also consider any hair concern you’re experiencing. You need to look for specific formulas that provide the solution for your hair concern. Common issues with hair include hair loss, dandruff, and thin hair. You can get treatment formulas in various forms such as shampoos, conditioners, serums, oils, and even supplements. There are natural hair products that can treat hair concerns as well. When choosing treatment formulas, look for ingredients that strengthen hair.
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  • Cut and Style Hair – Handle your hair gently when styling hair. It makes a difference in its health and appearance. When you treat hair roughly, you can cause damage, especially for curly and kinky hair. Haircuts help control hair damage. It prevents split ends from traveling towards the roots of the hair. Having a haircut or trimming hair ensures hair is healthy, as it grows long. It prevents fading of hair color as well. It’s best to go to the salon for a haircut.

Various Hair Products

Various hair care products help maintain healthy hair while preventing damage. Each product is designed to bring moisture and nourishment to hair and scalp. These formulas can restore the soft and silky texture of hair. They can repair hair damage as well. Learn more about these products and their effects on hair.

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Hair Care Formulas

Here are the different types of products used in hair care routines:

  • Cleansers – Shampoo is the most common type of hair cleanser. Most shampoo contains a surfactant, which acts as detergents or emulsifiers in the products. Shampoos cleanse scalp from dirt, oil, toxins, and flakes. Some cleansers may contain drying ingredients that can prevent excessive oiliness of hair and scalp. When choosing cleansers, it’s best to pick hydrating formulas that cleanse hair while replenishing moisture to hair and scalp.
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  • Conditioners – Conditioner moisturizes hair to prevent dryness. It locks in the moisture to the strands as well and makes hair soft and smooth all day long. A conditioner improves the health and appearance of hair. This type of product improves the texture and luster of hair. Dry and rough hair benefits from the right type of conditioner. Cowash is a best used when you have dry and brittle hair. Cowash is a term for washing hair with a conditioner. Some conditioners contain small amounts of surfactant that can cleanse hair.
  • Serums – Serums are lightweight and high absorbent products. They restore the moisture and shine of hair in an instant. Serums help improve hair texture and appearance in an instant. They leave hair moisturized and easy to manage. Lightweight serums are best used after shower, while hair is still damp.
  • Treatment Formulas – Treatment formulas are used to treat and repair certain hair concerns. They come in the form of shampoos, conditioners, serums, creams, or hair masks. Aside from providing the essential needs of hair, they address hair concerns and aims to reduce their symptoms. Treatment formulas are available at stores while other products are prescribed by experts.
  • Styling Agent – A styling agent holds hair in place and makes it easy to style. It often comes with a thick consistency that keeps hair in shape. Common examples of a styling agent include wax, gel, pomade, and hairspray. Some styling products can make hair dry or leave residues. Opt for wax, oils, or natural butter to style hair and keep it moisturized.

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Hair Tools

Manage and style hair easier with high-quality hair tools. These tools help maintain healthy hair. Here are the various hair tools and their uses:

  • Brush – A brush detangles knots and keeps hair manageable. It straightens hair and removes flakes from scalp. There are certain brushes that suit each hair types. Fine bristles are used for thin, straight hair while broad or widely spaced bristles are best for wavy or thick hair. Some brushes have special designs that make hair
  • Styling Irons – Styling irons use heat to shape hair into certain styles. It can straighten hair or create waves and curls. There are heat settings in styling irons which can determine how defined the curls are. Straightening irons use ceramic to prevent damage to the strands. It ensures that there is an even distribution of heat. Curling irons are made from high-quality metals that heat up quickly.
  • Hair Dryer – Hair dryers help evaporate water on hair faster. It uses warm air to dry hair gently. A diffuser is attached at the end of the hairdryer and is used for curly and kinky hair. It distributes hair evenly to prevent frizzing or hair breakage.
  • Beard Comb and Shaper – For men who have beards or mustache, a beard comb and shaper helps maintain the shape of facial hair. The comb detangles facial hair as well while removing flakes and crumbs trapped in the beard. Most beard combs are designed to be handy so men can bring them anywhere.
  • Razor – Men and women use razors to remove hair from various parts of the body. Men use it regularly to keep facial hair from growing out of shape. Razors cut hair strands short without damaging hair follicles. Women, on the other hand, use it to remove unwanted hair mostly on their legs.

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Natural Hair Care

Improve hair health and strength by choosing natural hair care. A natural hair routine makes use of formulas made from completely natural or organic ingredients good for hair. This routine uses few to no chemicals to reduce the damage that can happen to hair. Here are natural hair products to use:

  • Essential Oils – Essential oils are great substitutes for conditioners and styling agents. You can use it as a leave-in conditioner or a deep-conditioning oil that improves the soft and smooth texture of hair. Essential oils can also work as serums that nourish and moisturize hair. Look for high-quality hair oils and try them out for softer and silkier hair.
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  • Hair Mask – Hair masks help repair damage by moisturizing and nourishing hair. Most hair masks provide nutrients and proteins that treat hair concerns. Applying hair mask leaves hair soft and silky. Use it every week to get noticeable results.
  • Hair Rinse – Aside from No Poo formulas, or cleansers without chemicals and detergents, a hair rinse is another product to cleanse hair naturally. You can use ingredients that have antibacterial and astringent effects on hair and scalp. Apple cider vinegar is an example of a natural hair rinse that leaves scalp feeling clean and fresh.
  • Natural Hair Butter – Hair butter is highly moisturizing. It often has a thick consistency and is great for nourishing hair. Coconut oil, almond butter, and Shea butter are some common products that conditions and softens hair.
  • Homemade Recipes – When hair products don’t seem to work, the best solution is to create your own homemade hair product. Use organic ingredients that improve hair health and appearance. You can make your own formula and tweak it according to your preferences. Organic ingredients such as essential oils are versatile and are commonly used in this kind of recipe.

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Buying Hair Products

Ensure the quality of hair products by buying them from authentic sellers. Aside from the establishments, you can get hair products online from the website of brands or from third-party sellers. You can avoid having fake or damaged products by buying from qualified sellers.

The brand of a product can affect its quality. Pick brands that use high-quality materials, ingredients, and methods that protect hair from damage. Quality products are defined by the ingredients used. It is best to pick formulas that strengthen hair.

Build the ultimate hair care routine that restores its shine and volume. Other than using nourishing products, eat food that provides nourishment for hair health. Look for suitable hair products that make hair shiny and silky.  Mall of Cosmetics Hair Care has all sorts of products that give your tresses the care that it deserves. Order from the comfort of your own home and get it delivered right away. Shop now for the best products and get great hair every day.