Mall of Cosmetics - Burning Hot Topic Why Sunscreen is Important Even When It is Cloudy Outside

Burning Hot Topic: Why Sunscreen is Important Even When It’s Cloudy Outside

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Sticking to the basics of skin care just might save your life. Looking young and fresh is not done by just relying on luck and magic alone. You need to exert effort and invest resources in order for your skin to always look its best. While there are a lot of products that will surely do the trick for you, having a healthy and nourished skin is still an unrivaled feat.

Let’s delve deeper into one of the hottest topics right now in skin care. Know why using sunscreen is important even when it’s winter or cloudy outside. Uncover the facts that will shed light into the necessity of including sunscreens into your daily skin care.

Mall of Cosmetics - Burning Hot Topic Why Sunscreen is Important Even When It is Cloudy Outside

Skin Aging and Sun Damage

When you go outside, you expose yourself to the dangers of skin aging and sun damages. Although exposure to too much heat can damage the skin, the more dangerous factors that affect skin health are the UV rays. The reason why you should still use sunscreen even when the sun is not out is because these rays are invisible to the naked eye and have the ability to penetrate the atmosphere and even the deeper layers of the skin.

Even when the sun is out or not, these UV rays are present. They speed up skin aging and its deterioration. Going outside without proper protection will result in discoloration, age spots, an increase of wrinkles, and fine lines. Wearing protective clothing and garments help lessen the damages that these rays cause. But with their penetrating abilities, they can still reach the skin and cause damage.

Mall of Cosmetics - Burning Hot Topic Why Sunscreen is Important Even When It is Cloudy Outside

There’s a wide range of damages that these UV rays bring aside from skin aging. They also cause sunburn, skin diseases and even cancer in the worst cases.

Wonderful Benefits of Sunscreens

Slathering on some sunscreen helps create a layer of defense that will protect it from the dangers of the UV rays. If you think you’re safe from these damages just because there is no sun, then you’re wrong. You still need to apply sunscreen even when it is a cloudy day or during winter. It is not necessarily the heat that damages the skin.

You still need to be conscious of the UVA and UVB rays. Using sunscreen is effective in creating a layer that bounces off of these radiations. When choosing which sunscreen to use, you need to look for those that have high sun protection factor. These are indications of how much fraction of UV rays penetrate the skin.

Mall of Cosmetics - Burning Hot Topic Why Sunscreen is Important Even When It is Cloudy Outside

It is also ideal for you to look for broad spectrum labels on sunscreens. This indication means that it is not only effective against UVA rays. While most sunscreen shields your skin from this kind of radiation, broad-spectrum works against the different UV rays that damage the skin. UVA is the type that penetrates the deeper layers of skin. This can cause skin aging. Most sunscreen only protect skin against UVA rays.

Broad-spectrum sunscreen also protects your skin from UVB rays. This type of UV radiation causes sunburn. While it doesn’t penetrate the deeper layers of skin, it can be a factor in the development of skin cancer. This is why it is important to use sunscreen that has broad-spectrum SPF.

There are also skin care products that have sunscreens. Aside from moisturizing or nourishing the skin, you can now stop worrying about sunburns. Free yourself from worry by using efficient sunscreens that will protect you whether it’s a sunny or a rainy day.