best body washes for every budget

The Best Body Washes for Any Budget

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With so many body washes out in the market, how do you determine which ones to choose? Choosing the right one will depend on your skin care needs and budget. You’ll also have to take into consideration the smell and how it feels on the skin. Here, we find out which body washes are perfect for your skin and budget. Read on and find out more about some of the best body washes available at Mall of Cosmetics.

Best for Sensitive Skin

Dove Body Wash for Sensitive Skin

Products that are made specifically for sensitive skin used to be specialized so that you can only buy them at select stores or your dermatologist’s office. As such, they can be really expensive and hard to find. Today, these products are no longer as obscure as they were before. Many skin care products are now made for people with sensitive skin. One such product is the Dove Body Wash for Sensitive Skin. This body wash comes in a large 22Fl. oz. bottle and is less expensive compared to other brands. Its price ranges from less than $10 for a single bottle to over $15 for a bigger bottle.

best body washes for every budget

Best Every Day Shower Gel

Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel

The Neutrogena Rainbath Refreshing Shower and Bath Gel smell heavenly on the skin. It makes people want to stay in the shower longer than necessary. This bath gel feels smooth and non-sticky and does not leave any residue behind. It contains a fragrant blend of exotic spices and herbs that will awaken your senses and refresh your skin. It does a good job of pampering and cleansing the skin. The shower gel leaves skin soft and smooth to touch. It comes in a 40Fl. oz. handy pump bottle that could last for many showers. Use it every day for a refreshing and cleansing bath. This bath gel is a bit pricey at over $15 but it’s well worth the price.

Best for Men

Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Extra Fresh

Bath time just got an upgrade with the Dove Men+Care Body Wash, Extra Fresh. This body wash is formulated specifically for men’s skin. It effectively cleans away the dirt, sweat, and grime. The body wash contains Dove’s MicroMoisture technology, which hydrates and moisturizes skin as it cleans. The body wash leaves skin smelling fresh and clean. It comes in a huge 23Fl. oz. bottle making it a perfect everyday bath companion. Use it after a tough workout and step out with fresh, odor free body. Use it in the morning and invigorate your senses with its amazing smell. The best part, it’s affordable at less than $7.

Best for Anti-Aging

Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging, Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash

Olay isn’t just concentrating on fighting the seven signs of skin aging on your face. It also has something for your entire body. Use the Olay Total Effects Advanced Anti-Aging, Deep Penetrating Moisture Body Wash to fight drying, and skin aging all over your body. This fresh smelling body wash comes in a huge 15Fl. oz. bottle that’s perfect for everyday use. It contains VitaNiacin that moisturizes as it cleanses the skin. It also contains all the active ingredients that make Olay’s Anti-aging product line effective at smoothing out fine line and wrinkles on the face. Get firmer, younger looking skin with every wash. Its price starts at $12.

Best Smelling

Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture

Another great Dove product is the Dove Body Wash Deep Moisture. This body wash contains 1/4 moisturizer and Dove’s Nutrium Moisture formula that effectively hydrates skin for a long time. The product has a great scent that keeps skin smelling fresh all day. This product helps skin stay soft and supple too. Once you get out of shower, you’d want to smother your skin with kisses. It will smell as good as it feels! Choose this classic scent and lather away to its light pleasant fragrance.

Ditch the soap for luxurious body wash. You won’t regret it. Cleansing plus moisturizing effects? Get these benefits with a suitable body wash. Try these recommended products to get the skin you’ve always wanted.