Mall of Cosmetics - Beauty Trends of 2017 - The Most Popular Skin Care Hypes

Beauty Trends of 2017: The Most Popular Skin Care Hypes

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Missing the good old days when you don’t have to worry about layering up on makeup and creams? At this century and age, neglecting your skin is a sin. Hygiene and beauty do not only involve the grueling hours you spend in front of a mirror trying to cover up those blemishes. Nowadays, having a young and bright skin matters. And with the dynamic field of skin care, there are always fresh ideas to try out.

With a new year comes innovations and growing trends whether it is in fashion or lifestyle. There will be new styles and the revival of old ones. Learn about the latest hypes in skin care and be part of the huge wave of change this 2017.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Beauty Trends of 2017 - The Most Popular Skin Care Hypes

Easy DIY Blends

Aside from getting results, you’ll certainly be satisfied with creating your homemade blend of any skin care treatment or masks. Whipping up a DIY recipe is as enjoyable as the sensation that you can get from applying them on your skin. Before you get to take delight in the results, you will first indulge in creating a mixture that appeals to your preferences.

If you are really picky or if you have a sensitive skin, a DIY blend is a trend you’ll surely enjoy. You can use store-bought ingredients or products found at home. There are DIY recipes that even use food as ingredients. Oils, extracts, and raw food such as fruits have great benefits for skin. They are rich in moisture and nutrients that can improve skin’s health and texture.

Comfortable Home Treatments

With everything provided for your convenience and comfort, you’ll probably get right into this one. Treatments and sessions you can do at the comforts of your own home are surely going to be one of the biggest hypes in skin care. Men and women all look forward to salon-grade results of a relaxing night that are easy to prepare and wrap up.

Save up on both money and time. Even brands notice the growing trend for home treatments. There are now products and collections made for personal use.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Beauty Trends of 2017 - The Most Popular Skin Care Hypes

Everyday Ingredients for Skin Care

This is quite different from creating your own blend or even, a homemade treatment. You’ll be surprised at just how many common ingredients you’ve been using every day that is actually good for your skin. Sugar, for example, is a natural emollient. It works great as an exfoliator and is also safe to use because it does not dry the skin.

The common items you find in your kitchen actually have benefits for your skin. You just have to be creative (and not to mention, careful) in trying things out.

 Unique Facial Masks

Your moist sheets of face masks are now out of date. The new hype in skin and face care are facial masks made from unique ingredients and those that have distinct textures. Dead Sea mud masks and charcoal activated masks are examples of this.

The ingredients used are not common in the industry of skin care and are only recently growing in fame. Some textured masks also include DIY blends like coffee, salt, or sugar.

 Mall of Cosmetics - Beauty Trends of 2017 - The Most Popular Skin Care Hypes

Organic Essential Oils

Heard of the popular essential oils lately? This is because more and more uses for these natural extracts are found especially in skin care. You can have a wide selection of oils to choose from. And if there’s anything any beauty buffs like you, would like, it’s to try out a variety of different things. Essential oils are various benefits packed into a drop. Aside from the therapeutic benefits that you can get from using them, you will also be able to find a scent that suits your tastes.

Having an all-natural formula is also one of the beauties of owning a bottle of essential oils. Once you know the risks of using chemically induced formulas, your need for such products just evaporates.

Natural Lifestyle for Younger-Looking Skin

With the society putting importance to converting to an organic lifestyle, even your skin care routines will take a turn for the better during this year. Brands, professionals, experts, and companies are all looking into focusing on organic skin care. Whether it’s your food, products or tools, you’ll find an influx of items in the market that lean more on what is natural.