5 Things that You Need in Your Everyday Skincare Routine

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Starting out a basic skincare routine can be daunting with all the “rules” about taking care of your face and body. In truth, you only need 5 essential skincare products for your everyday routine. Everything else is secondary or “as needed.” These 5 products are guaranteed to keep your skin smooth, youthful, and healthy.

5 Things that You Need in Your Everyday Skincare Routine

What are these products?

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There’s nothing like a clean face every morning. It is the results of clearing away all the dirt from your pillow, the excess oil and dead skin cells from your face the night before. Research has shown that cleansing every day makes us look younger. When you cleanse in the morning, it prevents the overproduction of oil. You can’t simply rinse. What you need is to invest in an effective facial cleanser. Choose a cleanser that cleanses skin without causing dryness.

One of the issues of using ordinary cleanser is that it can dry the skin. Dry skin is a big no-no. It can cause flaking or a rough skin texture. Sometimes, having dry skin even promotes overproduction of oils. This is why you should look for gentle cleansers that help remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oil without drying your skin.


You think a toner is not important in your daily skincare routine? Think again. It’s beneficial especially for acne-prone skin, or with people who use makeup every day. Having a toner can shrink your pores and it adds an extra layer of protection. Be careful of using toners with astringent properties because they can dry your skin.

Toners have formulas that help prep your skin by providing hydration into the deeper layers. This helps your skin absorb more moisture from serums and moisturizers. Imagine a very dry sponge. It does not absorb moisture as well and fast as when it is damp. Using toners give your skin a smoother texture too.

5 Things that You Need in Your Everyday Skincare Routine


You’ve probably heard this, but to add serum to your skincare routine brings wonders. It reduces fine lines, firms the skin, and evens out skin tone. Acne-prone people will enjoy water-based serums, and people with oily skin won’t have to worry about excess oil production. Apply this both in the morning and at night for best results.

TIP: Apply serum before putting on sunscreen or moisturizer.


We all know that moisturizing is important. It is a vital part of your day from morning to evening, and even in between. Slathering some of the good stuff on your face helps your skin lock in moisture. It is especially helpful if you apply moisturizer gently, starting from the bottom to the top. Pay more attention to your moisturizing ritual at night. Because your body loses water as you sleep, a good moisturizer keeps your face hydrated. This helps your skin cells regenerate faster.

5 Things that You Need in Your Everyday Skincare Routine


Apart from saving you from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun, applying sunscreen daily lowers your risk of skin cancer. It also effectively prevents the onset of premature skin aging. Put on sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go out and reapply it (if you’re still outside) every three hours. But even manufactured lights can give your skin some discoloration. So even if you’re inside the office the whole day, it is best to still use sunscreen. You’ll get fewer wrinkles and have smoother skin at the end.