Mall of Cosmetics - 5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

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Women are not the only ones conscious of how they look to other people. Even men need to build a holistic skin care that will not only keep their skin tough against damages but also neat and clear-looking skin. Simply using soaps and cleansers does not make a good skin care routine. There are a lot of brands that are now catering to the needs of men for gentle but effective products to use.

While there are men who are content with using just cleansers, it is not enough to fully nourish and protect the skin from damages. Suit up and keep that well-groomed appearance by taking care of your skin. Here are 5 great skin care products for men who are on a mission to look as young and appealing as any healthy alpha male.

 Mall of Cosmetics - 5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

Dove Body and Face Wash

Dove is never far behind when it comes to producing gentle and effective skin care products. They do not only focus on providing the solution to every woman’s personal care and beauty concerns. Dove recently shifted their focus and started to expand their collection of products for men.

Dove Men+Care Body and Face Wash Clean Comfort is now making rounds in the market as its mild formula works perfectly for the body and face. This product does not only efficiently removes dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin. Dove’s face and body wash is also effective in moisturizing the skin to protect it from dry spells.

Neutrogena Invigorating Face Wash

While there are convenient skin care products you can use for the body and face, you should still consider investing in a formula designed especially to work for the face. Choose products that are gentle on the skin and will do its magic without causing damage.

 Mall of Cosmetics - 5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

Neutrogena Invigorating Face Wash will help you kiss goodbye to dirt-ridden and oily face. This formula is oil-free and won’t leave any residue on the skin. Protect your skin from drying by using this gentle face wash that is easy on the wallet.

Shiny Leaf Beard Oil

Here’s a hair care product you never knew that your skin needed. Beards and mustaches are symbols of masculinity and greater appeal for men. With the continuing trend of growing facial hair, there are more men who are into beard care. If you decided to grow out your facial hair, you might notice your skin often getting itchy, irritated, or sometimes, just too dry.

Shiny Leaf Beard Oil has a premium formula that not only nourishes facial hair but also works to reach the skin and deliver maximum hydration. Using this product protects the skin from itching and irritation which is often the result of using the wrong skin care or facial hair care product. Its abundance in vitamins and minerals will keep the skin feeling soft and the facial hair silky to the touch.

 Mall of Cosmetics - 5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

Dove Body and Face Bar

If you’re not too keen on using body and face washes, here’s a staple for you. Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar might sound like your ordinary soap but its ultra gentle formula works perfectly for any skin type. This mild formula contains Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream that will keep the skin hydrated all night long.

Enjoy an active lifestyle without worrying about body odors and a sweaty feeling. Dove’s body and face bar will keep you feeling refreshed and your skin looking clear and healthy.

 Mall of Cosmetics - 5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

Neutrogena Face Lotion

When it comes to skin care, getting products that have a wide range of uses is a rare treat. Discover just how convenient and enjoyable it is by getting Neutrogena Triple Protect Face Lotion that does not only work as a sunscreen but also a hydrating agent.

This advanced formula keeps the skin moisturized and protected from sun damages. Another benefit of using it is its ability to soothe skin irritation and drying. Use in morning skin care routine as an aftershave to keep the skin feeling soft to the touch.

There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your appearance, even as a man. Skin care is still part of hygiene, which is why even men need to invest in good products. Get these recommended products for easy grooming and styling.