Thick Eyebrows

Must-Have Products for Brows and Lashes on Fleek

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Time to put liners and mascaras down and take a second look on your brows and lashes. Are you satisfied with what you’re seeing? With on-fleek brows as the rage nowadays, you can’t afford to get left behind. Striving for a life of beauty and aesthetics mean knowing what tools can help bring out the best in you. And if …


Hair Truths and Myths Plus Simple Hair Growing Tips

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A change in hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance. But if your hair keeps on breaking because it is weak and brittle, you won’t be able to style your hair anyway you want. Find out the answers to your mind-boggling hair questions with this infographic on the truth and myths about your hair. Learn about proper hair care, hair …

DIY Recipes for Your Hair Care Needs

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Sometimes, your daily hair care products are not enough to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. Along the road, you tend to forget that even your tresses need some much-needed tender love and care. And who wants to suffer from having coarse and frizzy strands that are rough to the touch? Throw away your chemical-infused formulas right now and learn …


Longer Lusting Eyelashes – Tips to Grow Look-At-Me Lashes

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Not everyone is blessed with long, thick eyelashes. Most people have to put on falsies or go through lash extension procedures just to get fuller eyelashes. Find out why people love to have long, thick eyelashes and what benefits it has on your facial features with this simple infograpahic. Learn more about products such as essential oils that help make …

Bearded Man in Front of Barber Shop

Men’s Guide to Handsome Facial Hair

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People notice the face first when meeting someone. Even when you’re just walking on the street and accidentally caught the eyes of another, you often draw up first impressions with just one glance. The structure of the face influences how you perceive another person to be. This is why bearded men are often seen as having power, confidence, and even …

Mall of Cosmetics - An At-Home Spa Overall Body Care Pampering

At-Home Spa: Overall Body Care Pampering

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Nowadays, our physical health is not the only one we should look out for. Even our mental and emotional wellness plays a huge role in our ability to function and face each day. Busy schedules, a huge load of work, projects, exams, traffic – even the smallest things can affect our mood. This is why we need to indulge ourselves …

Mall of Cosmetics - Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

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While you can still feel confident even in your own, natural skin, there are just times that you’re assaulted with a wave of insecurity. Every woman has episodes of self-doubt and feeling ugly. Of course, standing up and looking beautiful is a skill innate to women. But it’s not simple magic to still slay the day with a flawless look …

Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

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If there’s any hair style that personifies both elegance and charm, it would be braids. An iconic fashion for hair, there’s a variety of styles that capture the unique character of a person ranging from prim and proper to wild and free. But there are styles that are just hard to create. Whether it’s your lack of skills or due …