Hair Truths and Myths Plus Simple Hair Growing Tips

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A change in hairstyle can do wonders for your appearance. But if your hair keeps on breaking because it is weak and brittle, you won’t be able to style your hair anyway you want. Find out the answers to your mind-boggling hair questions with this infographic on the truth and myths about your hair. Learn about proper hair care, hair …

DIY Recipes for Your Hair Care Needs

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Sometimes, your daily hair care products are not enough to keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. Along the road, you tend to forget that even your tresses need some much-needed tender love and care. And who wants to suffer from having coarse and frizzy strands that are rough to the touch? Throw away your chemical-infused formulas right now and learn …

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Men’s Guide to Handsome Facial Hair

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People notice the face first when meeting someone. Even when you’re just walking on the street and accidentally caught the eyes of another, you often draw up first impressions with just one glance. The structure of the face influences how you perceive another person to be. This is why bearded men are often seen as having power, confidence, and even …

Mall of Cosmetics - Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

Getting the Perfect Embellished Braids with Hair Oils

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If there’s any hair style that personifies both elegance and charm, it would be braids. An iconic fashion for hair, there’s a variety of styles that capture the unique character of a person ranging from prim and proper to wild and free. But there are styles that are just hard to create. Whether it’s your lack of skills or due …

Mall of Cosmetics - Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

Fixes for Your Hair Loss Woes

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Shedding hair every time you shower? It’s not a simple issue of not enough nourishment. There are other factors that might be affecting your hair loss. Weak hair strands are results of not properly taking care of the hair. Hair loss is a common issue among men and women of all ages. There’s no exception to this dilemma. You can …

Mall of Cosmetics - Top Trends in Hair Care

Top Trends in Hair Care

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With the birth of a new year, comes a new roundup of trends for beauty and fashion. Beauty geeks look forward to this time of the year. As summer approaches, experts reveal the styles and methods that will surely spark and blaze into a huge fashion statement this 2017. There’s excitement even in beauty regimens. Enthusiasts of hair care share …

Hair Products That Top Beauty Experts Love

Hair Products Top Beauty Experts Love

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Top beauty experts have a list of trusted brands and products. Finding the right product for your hair type is difficult. Thankfully, there are experts who’ve tried various products before. You don’t have to experiment on your hair and risk damage. An effective hair care routine requires suitable products that help keep your tresses smooth, shiny, and full of life. …