Bearded Man in Front of Barber Shop

Men’s Guide to Handsome Facial Hair

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People notice the face first when meeting someone. Even when you’re just walking on the street and accidentally caught the eyes of another, you often draw up first impressions with just one glance. The structure of the face influences how you perceive another person to be. This is why bearded men are often seen as having power, confidence, and even …

Mall of Cosmetics - 5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

5 Great Skin Care Products for Men

Shop Manager For Men, Skin Care

Women are not the only ones conscious of how they look to other people. Even men need to build a holistic skin care that will not only keep their skin tough against damages but also neat and clear-looking skin. Simply using soaps and cleansers does not make a good skin care routine. There are a lot of brands that are …