Beauty Products for the Skin

8 Beauty Products That Can Be Ruining Your Skin

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Sometimes the things we love the most hurt us. This same ideology applies even to your skin care. Guilty of indulging yourself to several bottles of alcohol? Can’t go without that foundation? Don’t wait for skin care woes to come knocking right at your door. Before things take a turn for the worst, cut them off from your life. Throwing …

Thick Eyebrows

Must-Have Products for Brows and Lashes on Fleek

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Time to put liners and mascaras down and take a second look on your brows and lashes. Are you satisfied with what you’re seeing? With on-fleek brows as the rage nowadays, you can’t afford to get left behind. Striving for a life of beauty and aesthetics mean knowing what tools can help bring out the best in you. And if …


Longer Lusting Eyelashes – Tips to Grow Look-At-Me Lashes

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Not everyone is blessed with long, thick eyelashes. Most people have to put on falsies or go through lash extension procedures just to get fuller eyelashes. Find out why people love to have long, thick eyelashes and what benefits it has on your facial features with this simple infograpahic. Learn more about products such as essential oils that help make …

Mall of Cosmetics - Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

Must-Haves for Your Makeup Bag

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While you can still feel confident even in your own, natural skin, there are just times that you’re assaulted with a wave of insecurity. Every woman has episodes of self-doubt and feeling ugly. Of course, standing up and looking beautiful is a skill innate to women. But it’s not simple magic to still slay the day with a flawless look …

Cheat Sheet for Effortless Makeup Transformation

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Beauty buffs, take a pause and let’s review just how much we’re wasting our time applying makeup just to look different. Reports say that women spend an estimated two years of their lives just… putting on cosmetics. On average, women take 55 minutes working on transforming their looks. That’s a lot of time that you could’ve spent doing more productive …

Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

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We’re all a little crazy about products that you can use for other purposes. Ever heard about lip balms as tamers of unruly baby hairs? No? Then you’re missing out big time! There are actually a lot of weird yet really amazing uses for the usual beauty products that you can find inside your bag or in your shelves. Being …

How to Take an Insta-Worthy Selfie

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We’re on vacation, in an A-List party, or showing off our #fotd (face of the day)—these are some of the reasons why we love taking selfies. It’s one way of showing the world that we have a beautiful face or that we’re in a beautiful place. But sometimes, we take dozens of selfies only to find out that none of …