Mall of Cosmetics - An At-Home Spa Overall Body Care Pampering

At-Home Spa: Overall Body Care Pampering

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Nowadays, our physical health is not the only one we should look out for. Even our mental and emotional wellness plays a huge role in our ability to function and face each day. Busy schedules, a huge load of work, projects, exams, traffic – even the smallest things can affect our mood. This is why we need to indulge ourselves …

Mall of Cosmetics - Bath and Body Luxuries for Cheap Prices

Bath and Body Luxuries for Cheap Prices

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If bath and pampering sessions are the only luxuries you can afford to do with a tight budget and a busy schedule, then you’d be happy to discover this list of cheap bath and body products. When it comes to spa-like rich experience and results that rival those of professional salons, then these goodies are the perfect items to add …

Handy Beauty Products that Can Save Your Day

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We’re all a little crazy about products that you can use for other purposes. Ever heard about lip balms as tamers of unruly baby hairs? No? Then you’re missing out big time! There are actually a lot of weird yet really amazing uses for the usual beauty products that you can find inside your bag or in your shelves. Being …

best body washes for every budget

The Best Body Washes for Any Budget

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With so many body washes out in the market, how do you determine which ones to choose? Choosing the right one will depend on your skin care needs and budget. You’ll also have to take into consideration the smell and how it feels on the skin. Here, we find out which body washes are perfect for your skin and budget. …