Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser

Gentle Face Wash for All Skin Types; Rejuvenates for A Clear Look

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Cleansers can be harsh on the skin, removing the necessary moisture that makes it soft and smooth to the touch. After waking up, it’s been a routine to wash the face to get rid of any impurities such as dirt, oil, and dead skin cells that accumulated on the surface of the skin overnight. For a gentle cleanser that keeps the skin soft and young, Olay Total Effects Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser is just perfect.

This face wash does not dry the skin. Its rich foam is even gentle enough for all skin types, making it an all-around product for all face care needs. Plus, its powerful effects help address issues with the skin including signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. Another perk of using this product is that it soothes skin conditions like acne and flaking.

Olay Total Effects collection is popular for addressing and solving skin care concerns with one product. Revive the skin and restore its youth with the daily use of a rejuvenating cleanser. As the foundation of every skin care, finding the right product to wash the face with is important. It must not be too harsh on skin but it should also be effective.

While ordinary soaps and cleansers strip off the necessary moisture from the skin, Olay total effects face wash is just right – lifting off impurities and helping control the oil production. It even leaves the skin feeling softer and smoother to the touch. Of course, using this face wash also improves skin radiance and makes the user look younger.

A bonus of having this face wash is that it prevents acne and breakouts from happening. It draws out toxins and oil from the pores to help unclog it. Of course, this is also a factor in giving one a flawless look.