Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute Oil

Relieves Stress, Helps in the Treatment of Depression; Eases Pain Caused by Menstrual Cramps and Muscle Spasms


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Shiny Leaf Rose Absolute Oil comes from the freshest and best rose petals. When applied on skin or when diffused into the air, it can help anyone feel calm and relaxed. Beauty skin care products like rose oil improve how the skin looks and feels. It is rich in nutrients that make skin healthier as well. When used in massage therapy, it can help soothe tired and sore muscles. Add it to a warm bath to relax after a long day.

Rose Absolute Oil is can help relieve stress and anxiety when diffused into the air in aromatherapy. Some studies suggest that it can also help in the treatment of depression. It can help in bring feelings of joy and positivity. Its pleasant scent is uplifting and relaxing.

Another great benefit of this oil is that it can help relieve pain caused by menstrual cramps and other symptoms felt during menstruation such as nausea, pain, and fatigue. Muscle spasms can also be eased by massaging the oil on the affected area.

The antiseptic qualities of this oil make it a natural and effective way to treat minor wounds and cuts. Adding a few drops of this oil on wounds can prevent infections and spread of bacteria.

When used on skin and hair it provides moisturizing abilities that can help heal dry, irritated and inflamed skin. The oil also has astringent properties making it a perfect toner. Use it on aging skin to help tighten loose skin. Keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay with this amazing oil. Use the Rose Absolute Oil on hair as a natural conditioner. It will leave hair with a delicate rose scent, which is pleasant and relaxing.

This pleasant smelling oil is a great oil to have in any collection. It’s a perfect gift for any occasion. Give it to loved ones, friends, family and partner in life.