Shiny Leaf Pomegranate Seed Oil

Contains All Natural Ingredients, 100% Pure Premium Oil; Prevent Acne, Smooth Wrinkles, Moisturize Skin; Natural Aphrodisiac


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Get flawless skin and healthy hair with the Shiny Leaf Pomegranate Seed Oil. Made with all natural ingredients this oil can effectively hydrate skin and promote long-lasting moisture. It goes deep into the different layers of the skin to nourish from within. Using quality oils from the best skin care brands like Shiny Leaf improves the health of the skin and how it feels to the touch.

Pomegranate is a very tasty fruit that is rich in vitamins. Its fruit may be delicious and is a winter staple in some parts of the world but it’s the seeds that most beauty experts covet the most. The seeds of the pomegranate are the sources of its precious oil. Applying the oil to the skin can help make it feel soft and smooth. Shiny Leaf uses only the best seeds and cold-pressed them to get high-quality oils.

Other uses of this amazing oil on the skin include removing wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots on the face. This natural anti-aging oil can fade age lines with ease. With consistent use of this oil, age lines will soon vanish and only youthful look and radiance will remain. Keep skin clear and blemish free. Help fade dark spots and sunspots. Make skin look bright and even. The pomegranate seed oil contains anti-oxidants that can protect skin from free radicals the come from pollution, dirt, and dust. It aids in skin repair and hydrates skin to prevent moisture loss.  It is safe for all skin types.

Use the oil on hair regularly as a hair mask to give it shine and luster.  Massage on the scalp to remove dandruff and flakes from the surface of the scalp. Get rid of itching as the oil remove irritants and other dead skin cells found on the scalp.

When used in massage therapy, the pomegranate seed oil can help improve blood flow around the body. Apply on joints to help relieve arthritis and joint pain.