Shiny Leaf Good Lip Day Organic Lip Balm Set

Seven Flavors for Every Day of the Week; Moisturize, Repair and Protect from Chapped & Dry Lips; USDA Certified Organic; Contains All Organic Ingredients


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Shiny Leaf Good Lip Day Organic Lip Balm Set contains seven different lip balm flavors for every day of the week. The seven fun flavors are Mysterious Eucalyptus Mint, Naughty Coconut, Playful Strawberry, Sensual Cherry, Magical Raspberry, Delightful Lemonade and Uplifting Spearmint. Apply a new flavor on your lips every day and change lip flavors to match your mood or your outfit. Combine different lip balm flavors for an added burst of different flavor.

All lip balms are made using 100% USDA Certified Organic ingredients. These ingredients come from all natural resources. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals and parabens that could harm the skin. Shiny Leaf does not test products on animals and is Vegan. The lip balms are safe for use for all skin types.

The Good Lip Day Organic Lip Balm Set contains vitamin E and moisturizing ingredients like organic calendula, rosemary oil, and sunflower oils. These will keep lips hydrated throughout the day. The lip balms are effective at protecting the lips from frigid air that can dry up lips and make them feel chapped. One coat of any of the seven lip balms can protect your lips and keep the moisture locked in so they won’t dry out. You get healthy, kissable lips every day with every use of the Shiny Leaf Lip Balms.

The lip balms blend easily with other lip products. You can use them under lipstick or lip gloss to keep lips supple and soft. Matte lipsticks, for example, can feel very dry on the lips. Moisturize it effectively by applying lip balm before using matte lipstick. You can also use them on top of lipstick to give you lips a protective finish.

The Good Lip Day Organic Lip Balm Set comes in a pretty packaging making it the perfect gift for any occasion. The box used in housing the seven lip balms are made with recycled paper. The Earth-friendly packaging is Shiny Leaf’s way of helping the environment and they encourage you to do the same.

Kiss your chapped and dry lips goodbye and have a Good Lip Day with the Organic Lip Balm Set from Shiny Leaf.