Shiny Leaf Beard Oil Grooming Set; Premium Blend of Beard Oil; High-Quality Multi-Purpose Shaper; Easy Grooming for All Facial Hair Types

Shiny Leaf Beard Oil Grooming Set; Premium Blend of Beard Oil; High-Quality Multi-Purpose Shaper; Easy Grooming for All Facial Hair Types




Conquer the day with confidence like an alpha male, as you get equipped with an armor of the best beard kit. Shiny Leaf Beard Oil Grooming Set will make any type of facial hair submit. Enjoy getting this rare deal of beard kit featuring a premium blend of beard oil and a shaper tool as its perfect accessory.

Shiny Leaf Beard Oil will soak facial hair in the rich minerals of the earth all day long. Its abundance in vitamin E will work to transform those grizzly whiskers into a soft beard that is easy to manage. This 1 oz bottle will go a long way to promote the healthy growth of facial hair. Various essential oils such as argan oil, sunflower oil, Norway spruce oil, clove bud oils, and a hint of orange oil.

These oils have boosted effects when mixed together, which makes this beard oil highly moisturizing for skin and hair. Apply on facial hair any time of the day and leave it softer and smoother to the touch. This grooming set comes with a shaper tool that is perfect for achieving that neat and symmetrical beard shape.

Shiny Leaf Beard Shaper comes in a sleek design that is easy to master. Its shape makes way for a comfortable grip that works great for trimming and shaping. This tool comes with two toothed edges with different lengths. Its curved form also helps achieve a proportioned beard shape for the cheek and jawline. Comb through facial hair to detangle knots and to brush away dandruff. This is the golden key to the evolution of facial hair care routines.

Say goodbye to expensive salon fees and groom beards into perfection at the comfort of your home. Use Shiny Leaf Beard Oil Grooming Set with other accessories and manage to ace the standards for suave and sleek-looking beards and mustaches.

Additional Information

  • Shiny Leaf Beard Oil Grooming Set is affordable but works to provide all facial hair care needs.
  • Best used together with Shiny Leaf Beard Comb.
  • Grooming set suitable for trimming and shaping beards.
  • Prevents skin irritation and itchiness.


  • Shiny Leaf Beard Oil Grooming Set is the perfect kit for all types of facial hair.
  • Comes with a premium blend of beard oil.
  • Bonus of high quality beard shaper used for various purposes.
  • A formula that nourishes and conditions hair and skin greatly.
  • Leaves facial hair softer and silkier.
  • Easy-to-use products that complement beard of any length and texture.

How To Use

Shiny Leaf Beard Oil is a premium blend of various essential oils. Suitable for grooming methods, trimming, and styling.

This beard oil works on damp and dry beards. Perfect for facial hair of any length and color.

  1. Use glass dropper to take dime-sized amount of beard oil. Ideal amount would be 3-4 drops.
  2. Spread on both palms and fingers.
  3. First, apply oil on sides of your beard. Use downward motions to distribute hair on cheek and jawline.
  4. Then apply oil on the front of beard, making sure to cover facial hair from roots to tips.
  5. Use both hands to comb through beard from the bottom.
  6. For mustaches or goatees, use fingers to apply oil.

Use fingers or shaper to comb through facial hair and smooth out strands. It helps distribute oil evenly. Groom into any desired style. Can also be used for trimming.

For shaving and shaping, get a comfortable grip with the comb. Use curved edge to shape cheek lines, jawline, and necklines. Make sure that the three tiny dots are aligned along the ears. It helps create a symmetrical beard shape. Use the side of the comb with straight edge for straight lines. Hold tight across face, on desired area. Position comb to create preferred shape or style. Shave along the curved edges of the comb, making sure to neatly remove facial hair.

For trimming, use comb teeth to brush over facial hair. Hold in position and trim wiry and splitting tips of hair to cut to the desired length. Use brush to remove trimmed hair and brush over strands. Use comb to remove flakes and debris or detangle knots gently.

Product Information


Cold Pressed Virgin Organic Argan Oil (Argania Spinosa), Sunflower Oil (Hellanthus Annuus), Norway Spruce Oil (Picea Abies), Clove Bud Oil (Syzgium Aromaticum L.), Orange Oil (Citrus Sinensis).


Beard Oil: 1.5 x 1.5 x 4 inches ; 1 ounce


6.1 ounces


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