Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash

With NutriumMoisture Formula; Infused with Shea Butter for Skin-Deep Moisture; Soothing Scent of Warm Vanilla

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Daily showers and baths are luxuries to indulge in every morning or after a long and tiring day. Using body washes instead of soaps also further enhances the experience. Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash pampers the skin from within and treats the user to a soothing scent of Shea butter and warm vanilla.

Some soap can be harsh on the skin and strip it off of moisture. Body washes are gentler and provide extra enjoyment with their silky texture. Dove Purely Pampering Body Wash has a formula specially made for cleansing the skin gently while maintaining its natural moisture. It produces a creamy lather that gives a truly pampering feeling.

This silky texture is not only made for users to enjoy. It is also a key factor in the ability of the body wash to seep through the deeper layers of the skin. Other types of body washes have heavy consistencies. When applied on the skin, they tend to just sit on the surface. Dove’s Purely Pampering Body Wash gets fully absorbed by the skin.

This rich consistency coupled with the soothing scent of Shea butter and warm vanilla delivers a sensory experience. Indulge in an affordable treat with Dove’s body wash and enjoy its calming scent of warm vanilla. Shea butter and warm vanilla rouse the senses to provide relaxation for the users. But this is not the only benefit of having infused Shea butter in the formula.

Shea butter is a powerful emollient. This works great for the skin as it delivers deep hydration. It is also effective in retaining the moisture on skin all throughout the day. Applying this body wash not only leaves the skin softer and smoother. It also provides a tough defense against drying.

Dove’s NutriumMoisture formula is mild enough for everyday use while ensuring that the skin stays soft and moisturized for a long period of time. Enjoy a pampering session with Dove’s body wash which leaves the skin softer and clearer even after just one wash.

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