PURA D'OR Lavender and Vanilla Argan Oil Healing Conditioner

Premium Natural Formula; Gentle and Smooth Blend of Extracts and Oils; Pure Blend or Nature for Hair Strength and Shine


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Having hair problems? Worry no more! PURA D’OR Lavender and Vanilla Argan Oil Healing Conditioner will tame the wildest hair and strengthen its roots. With a premium plant-based formula, it embodies the ability of nature to efficiently enhance beauty. This conditioner is one of the top natural hair care products in the brand’s collection. The fusion of science and nature produced an effective product that is natural and organic. Using the conditioner will heal the damages to the hair.

PURA D’OR Lavender and Vanilla Argan Oil Healing Conditioner is made with the fusion of several organic ingredients. The blend of oils, extracts and vitamins make the ultimate formula for hair conditioner. There are no added harsh ingredients which make it completely safe for use. There are also no chemicals that can be harmful to the hair. Lavender Oil, Vanilla Extract, and Argan Oil bring an abundance of nutrients and vitamins to the formula.

The use of organic quality ingredients helps in creating a unique blend that brings out the best features of the hair. It instantly transforms the hair and even provides long lasting effects. It builds strength for the hair and its roots. It also boosts the shine and thickness of the hair. The pure blend of natural ingredients will work its magic on all types of hair. Wild hair will be tamed and easily detangled with its smoothening formula. Damaged hair will be treated with the abundance of nutrients that it provides.

PURA D’OR Lavender and Vanilla Argan Oil Healing Conditioner will build the strength of the hair roots. Thin, brittle hair will have a heavy and luscious body that with an intense shine. Only the best products are used in making the healing conditioner. It brings a pure and efficient performance. Free from harsh chemicals, the gentle formula will deliver a sensory experience along with long lasting effects. Notice instant results after just one wash!