Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Fragrance Free Moisturizer

Protects Skin from 7 Signs of Aging; Revives Dull Skin


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Stave away years of aging off of the skin. With Olay’s line of beauty products, there’s no need to save up for surgeries or medical procedures. Keep your skin happy and feeling loved with good skin care products that will keep the signs of aging away. Olay Total Effects moisturizer is perfect for nurturing the deeper layers of the skin.

Even young skin needs some good moisturizers to maintain its soft and smooth texture. Feeling and looking good goes hand-in-hand. And if the skin looks clear and fresh, it betrays even the age of a person. Every skin needs some good moisturizer that keeps it hydrated all throughout the day. To make sure that it retains its softness and silkiness, Olay Total Effects moisturizer offers its hydrating formula full of vitamins and minerals.

Unlike ordinary moisturizers, Olay’s product fights seven signs of skin aging from fine lines, wrinkles, to the dullness of the skin. Restore the firm and suppleness of a young skin. This is a luxury that pampers the skin from the inside out.

Olay Total Effects moisturizer also contains extracts that are good for the skin which makes them deliver visible results with regular use. Waking up in the morning to dark circles and puffy eyes is not a good way to start the day. Apply some of this moisturizer during night skin care or upon waking up and it retains the moisture on skin all throughout the day.

Avoiding products with fragrances is hard nowadays. Most formulas contain some form of toxic ingredient or chemicals. Olay believes that the skin deserves the utmost care. Only developing the best formula and using quality ingredients. Their Total Effects collection proves that there’s a way to stop the physical signs of aging.

Use together with the rest of the set for maximum results. Look and feel young with one good moisturizer that truly nurtures the skin.