NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil

Conditions Skin Deeply; Leaves Hair Soft and Silky


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Jojoba oil is versatile and has a lot of uses for personal care. It works for skin, face, and hair. NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil makes personal care more effective and exciting. Its wide range of uses is sought after.

Oil extracted from the seeds of jojoba plant is highly nourishing. It has healing properties that do not only work for the body but for hair and skin as well. Jojoba oil is moisturizing due to the essential fatty acids that it contains. It is also very gentle on skin and does not trigger concerns such as irritation or dryness. This is why it is suitable for skin care.

Jojoba oil has a light consistency. It absorbs well through the skin. Many moisturizers nowadays leave the skin feeling greasy. The essential fatty acids of jojoba oil are like the natural moisture of the skin. This is why it works perfectly well in providing moisture not only for skin but for hair as well. Jojoba oil helps lock the moisture into skin and hair as well without leaving oily residues.

Use this oil to remove any traces of makeup and dirt on the face. It is suitable as a carrier oil as well. NOW Foods Jojoba oil is highly soothing. Use it to massage skin and hair to improve their health. It has an appealing scent too. The nutrients and minerals in this jojoba oil bring therapeutic effects. Mix it with hair or skin care products to get greater results. It is safe to mix the oil with these formulas.

NOW Foods produced jojoba oil from high-quality raw material. This ensures that there are no fillers or chemicals added to the final product. This premium oil is free from toxic ingredients that can damage skin or hair. Experience its wonderful benefits at an affordable price!