Radha Beauty Lavender Essential

Used to Calm Anxiety; Great for Aromatherapy; 100% Pure & Natural Therapeutic Grade

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Lavender Oil is used primarily in aromatherapy to promote a relaxing space. Its fresh, soothing scent makes it ideal for cleansing the air around the house. Spray it on linens to get a good night’s rest. Radha Beauty’s 4 oz. of Lavender Essential Oil can be used for this and a multitude of other things.

Lavender essential oil has always been known for its calming effect. It is often added in baby products to help calm down babies or get them to sleep. For grown-ups, lavender oil is also added in many skin care products to help people feel relaxed and uplift their mood.

Lavender is often added to products like powder, and wet wipes. Lavender Essential Oil’s soft scent can also double as light fragrance. Dab a few drops of this oil on the pulse points of the body like the inner wrist, back of ears and back of knees when regular perfumes run out.

It also gives people relief from pain and can disinfect the skin. Cough and other illnesses that make people feel under the can also feel relieved by simply taking a whiff of this fragrant oil.

Lavender is used to uplift the spirit. Anyone who feels anxious can diffuse lavender into the air to promote a more calm space. If life feels too fast paced, slow down and relax after a very hectic day by adding lavender oil to bath water or salt scrub. It suits all skin types. It does not contain any added ingredients or fillers.

Create a calm and relaxing space every time. Use the Lavender Essential Oil from Radha Beauty.