Neutrogena Intense Moisture Wrap Body Treatment

Norwegian Formula for Relieving Dryness; Hydrates the Skin Deeply

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Cold winter days mean extreme drying of the skin turning it dull and cracked. Very few products work in relieving the drying for a long period of time. But Norwegian Formula proves once again how effective it is in heavy duty moisturizing with Neutrogena Intense Moisture Wrap Body Treatment.

Even the low temperature is rendered useless with the powers of Neutrogena intense moisturizing product. It Soothing dryness and delivering not only moisture but also hydration is perfect for skin that suffers from extreme dryness. This product helps the skin recover from the dry spell. Every drop gives concentrated moisture that wraps around and helps heal the skin. Fast absorbing, this skin savior will transform the surface from dry to soft and smooth.

Cold weather is an enemy of the skin. It robs it off of moisture which affects its elasticity and suppleness. This is why dry skin is also prone to signs of aging even early on. Protecting the skin is the first duty of Neutrogena Intense Moisture Wrap Body Treatment. It gives a pampering feeling as it relieves from the inside and out.

It comes in the form of a thick cream that works as a heavy moisturizer. Packed with an abundance of glycerin, it proves to be really effective in fighting drying and other conditions that the lack of moisture brings. The Norwegian Formula’s design went through years of tests. Lots of developments lead to the formulation of an effective moisturizer.

Dryness causes the surface to turn rough and cracked. This also sometimes leads to the dullness of the skin which is unappealing. Treat the body with a lot of care by protecting it from the dangers of the dry spell. Neutrogena Intense Moisture Wrap Body Treatment is just what the skin needs. Leave it bright, clear, and younger-looking with daily use of the moisturizer.