Pure Body Naturals Himalayan Salt & Sweet Almond Pink Scrub

Cleans and Exfoliates Skin; Contains Sweet Almond and Lychee Oil; Softens Skin; Promotes Skin Cell Renewal


To get soft and smooth skin one must have a good skin care routine which includes cleansing, toning and exfoliating the skin. Exfoliation is the process of shedding off dead skin cells using scrubs and brushes to reveal new skin cells. Not many people like to do this because it often takes up extra time and effort. Many scrubs also feel tough and hard on skin. Pure Body Naturals wants to make exfoliating fun again so they created the Pure Body Naturals Himalayan Salt and Sweet Almond Pink Scrub. True to its name the Himalayan Salt and Sweet Almond Pink Scrub contains Himalayan salt tinged in a fun shade of pink. The pink shade comes from the color of the salt itself and lychee oil. It smells of heavenly sweet almond scent and gently exfoliates skin effectively. After scrubbing, skin will feel clean and velvety soft to the touch. This pink scrub is a good mix of mineral rich Himalayan salt and hydrating Sweet Almond and Lychee oils. These ingredients clean and remove dead skin cells while keeping skin hydrated. Himalayan salt is full of natural minerals that nourish the skin. After scrubbing, skin will feel soft, smooth and lightly scented. Dead skin cells have been sloughed off and new skin cells have come up to the surface. This makes skin look brighter and more even toned. With continued use of this product skin will improve in tone and texture. It will appear more radiant and glowing. In some cases, the look of cellulite can be lessened. The gentle massages that come with scrubbing the product on the skin can also improve blood flow. It also prevents muscle cramps and soreness. Massaging the product helps with relaxation and promoting calmness.  Add this scrub to regular skin care routine and see the difference after just one wash.