Art Naturals Hand Sanitizer 4 Pack

Gentle Hand Cleansing; With Unique Appealing Scents; Purely Natural Formula

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Hand sanitizers do not only protect the skin from germs but also soothes drying and irritation. This product cleanses the skin without stripping the moisture from the hands. Soaps and other cleansing formulas tend to dry the skin which leads to rough and cracking hands. Art Naturals recognizes the need for mild hand wash products.

As an essential in hygiene and personal care, ensuring the health of a person means that there’s a need to fight germs before they wreak havoc. This pack of 4 hand sanitizers will kill the germs, bacteria, and fungi effectively. An all-natural formula that is gentle to the skin, using these sanitizers will leave the hands clean and smelling good. Each one has unique scents plus a scent-free sanitizer for those who are sensitive to fragrances.

There are coconut, lavender, and tea tree hand sanitizer scents. Art Naturals focuses on the power of natural ingredients to deliver just what the skin really needs. There’s a lot of organic extracts in the formula. The nutrients within soothes drying hands and even heals cracking which can lead to worse cases – like bleeding.

A perk of using the hand sanitizers of Art Naturals is that they do not contain alcohol which can be drying and irritating. They are also hypoallergenic meaning that there’s no risk of triggering allergies. Gentle enough for every skin type, users will enjoy its benefits and the fresh scent of the products.

What makes it different from your normal sanitizer is that it is rich in vitamins and minerals that will also nourish the skin and leave it healthier. Use at home or at the office for 24/7 protection from germs. It is ideal for everyone no matter what age or gender. Affordable and convenient to use, this is the perfect item for everyday hand care.