Dove Go fresh Beauty Bar Cool Moisture

Soothing Cucumber & Green Tea Scent; Mild Cleanser with Natural Nutrients; ¼ Moisturizing Cream

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Skin condition worsens as the body ages. It gets affected by several factors like the environment and a person’s habit. The lifestyle of an individual can damage or nourish the skin. Even the use of the wrong products can cause harm to the skin. There are everyday products like beauty bars which can be too harsh on the skin. With these worries in mind, Dove Go fresh Beauty Bar Cool Moisture will bring a mild and gentle formula to cleanse the skin.

Made with ¼ moisturizing cream, the beauty bar brings freshness to the skin. It thoroughly cleanses the dirt away without damaging the skin. The mild cleanser will protect the skin from drying. Its ultra-light formula is created to bring moisture to the skin and help retain its natural barrier. It leaves the skin soft and smooth after washing. Cleansing the skin is made more natural and enjoyable with Dove Go fresh Beauty Bar Cool Moisture. It soothes the senses with its clean scent of cucumber and green tea.

Skin will be nourished from deep within. There is an abundance of natural nutrients in the beauty bar that can boost its health. Its lather will bring a light sensation to the skin. Dove Go fresh Beauty Bar Cool Moisture removes the dirt away without being too harsh on the flesh. The beauty bar brings personal care to the next level. It delivers a pleasant experience for the user as the rich creamy lather is massaged on the face, hands, and body. Its gentle formula will make sure that there‘s no soapy residue left. These residues can cause dryness to the skin.

Dove Go fresh Beauty Bar Cool Moisture now comes in a pack of eight 4-ounce bars that can last for weeks. Bring radiance and softness back to the skin with the mild and soothing formula of the beauty bar.