Pure Body Naturals Foot Soak with Tea Tree Oil

Soothing Relief from Pain; Fights Odor and Fungus; With Powerful Essential Oils Blend


Even the feet get stressed from a day of activities. Wearing shoes of any kind constricts the feet from breathing. It is a common factor that causes pain and odor. With Pure Body Naturals Foot Soak with Tea Tree Oil, soothing aching heels also help dispel and protect the feet from odor.

Bathe the feet in the therapeutic blend of natural ingredients with this foot soak. It also contains Dead Sea minerals, Epsom salt and other organic raw materials that soothe the feet and soften it. With tea tree and peppermint, it is also tough against fungus and bacteria that cause odor. This foot soak saves the feet from suffering.

This is a treat that lets the user enjoy a relaxing night with the therapeutic effects of the foot soak. It also prevents conditions from happening such as athlete’s foot. It also has a comforting scent that does not only dispel odors but also soothes the user. It also relieves drying and irritation and protects the softness of the feet.

Pure Body Naturals also created this Foot Soak with Tea Tree Oil without the use of chemicals or toxic ingredients. This all-natural formula also helps the feet recover from callouses and corns. The Dead Sea minerals that you can find in this product are effective in exfoliating any dead skin cells and hardened skin. It leaves your feet smoother and softer.

Let the feet rest recuperate from a long day and indulge in the nourishing and healing benefits of the essential oils infused in Pure Body Naturals’ foot soak. It also has Rosemary and Spearmint oil which enhances its scent and effects on your feet.

Fighting fungus and odor has never been so relaxing and enjoyable. With this foot soak, look forward to a soothing end to a day. Feel luxury that rivals a spa at home.