Art Naturals Eyelash Growth Serum

Pentapeptide 17 and Swiss Apple Stem Cells; For Thicker and Resilient Brows and Lashes

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Applying makeup is time-consuming. It also requires energy and a great deal of focus. But at the end of the day, there’s a certain expectation that the makeup just slide right off of the face. Even liners and mascaras lose their effect over a period of time. Instead of clumping the lashes with mascara every day, it is safer and more effective to invest in Art Naturals Eyelash Growth Serum Pentapeptide 17 and Swiss Apple Stem Cells.

Art Naturals eyelash serum boasts of a great ability to promote the growth of thicker and healthier strands. This product is a treat for beauty buffs that are looking for a natural way to grow long and thick lashes without going under the knife.

Mascaras often cause clumping. This is not only a dilemma in applying makeup. This is also one of the major causes of losing the volume of eyelashes. Some strands stick to these clumps and fall right off. While women would like to solve this issue, there are very few alternatives to growing lustrous lashes.

Art Naturals’ serum also has Swiss apple stem cells which help in boosting the health of the follicles. This does not only aid in preventing eyelashes fall but it also promotes hair growth. Another ingredient that stands out is the Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17. It is effective in giving the strands thickness and fullness. Let it do its job and just apply regularly to get great results.

Another perk of using this is that it also works for the eyebrows. It helps in improving the length of eyelashes and brows and also its color. Get a solid color for those strands and ditch mascaras and liners. Free from irritant, this is completely safe to use. With regular use, get noticeable changes. Enjoy a shorter period of applying makeup and save up from having to buy liners and other products for the lashes and brows.

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