Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes

Pink Grapefruit; Lifts Impurities from the Skin with One Swipe; With an Uplifting Scent

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Products that are easy to use are the hype nowadays. Between busy schedules and not having enough time to focus on skin care, on-the-go products proved to be convenient for this kind of lifestyle. Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes Pink Grapefruit is part of their line of skin care products that are highly effective and gentle on skin.

Dirt and excess oil make the skin look dull and shiny. It also damages the skin by clogging the pores if left unattended. But washing the face every now and then can strip the essential moisture on the face. And anyway, who has the extra time to go to the bathroom to get rid of these ugly impurities? Neutrogena cleansing wipes made it easier and more enjoyable to purify the skin without leaving the chair.

Perfect for acne-prone skin, this product will leave the face looking radiant and fresh without drying it. While a lot of cleansers prove to be too harsh, Neutrogena cleansing wipes are specially formulated to pamper the skin and nourish it. Dermatologists tested this product for safety and efficiency and it passed with flying colors.

A great addition to everyday essentials, quite easy to pack in a bag and bring everywhere from home to the office, these cleansing wipes are just what the skin needs. Add its uplifting scent of pink grapefruit and cleansing the skin leaves a satisfied feeling. Its unique aroma is what it gives a rich experience to the user.

This cleansing wipes come in the form of moistened towelettes. They are gentle and soothing when used on the surface of the skin. It also gives way to instant cleansing but effective cleansing. Its package is also resealable which keeps the wipes moistened and protected from germs. Go for hassle-free cleansing with mild formulas that keep the skin soft, smooth, and brighter.