Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream Anti-Cellulite Cream

Muscle Relaxation Cream 8.8oz


Banish cellulite and muscle pain with Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream – Anti-Cellulite, Skin Deep Muscle Relaxation Cream. This two in one treatment takes care of the body’s biggest problems with just a few rubs this potent product on your skin.

Cellulite is one of the toughest things to get rid of. Sometimes, no matter how much people exercise or diet, they will still end up with rippling or unwanted dimples on their skin. Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream contains ingredients that address these awful bumps on the skin. It works by improving the blood flow in the affected area until the ripples go away. Sweet Basil and Juniper extracts help jumpstart proper blood flow and burn away the fat cells. Cinnamon oil and Rosemary help firm and tighten up the skin for a more toned and even look.

For people who struggle with stiffness and muscle pain, the Hot Cream can help soothe and loosen up tight muscles caused by tough exercise, and overuse. As people age muscles can also become cramped due to inactivity as in the case of sitting in the office all day or doing little to no exercise. The Hot Cream can relieve pain caused by both active and inactive lifestyle. It contains peppermint and pine oils that relax the muscles. The eucalyptus and chamomile content of Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream also relieves muscle pain.

Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream isn’t just for ripples and muscle pain. It can also be used to de-stress. The pink grapefruit, spearmint oil, and lemongrass content make it a great massage cream that can soothe and relax your body.