Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin Pump

Gentle Cleanser for Sensitive Skin; Hypoallergenic & Unscented Formula; Skin-Deep Nourishment

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There are everyday products that are used to properly take care of the skin. Cleanser is a vital factor in a skin care regimen. But there are cleansers that make use of harsh ingredients that can damage the skin. The flesh is sensitive to the elements that are introduced to it. There could be short and long term adverse effects to using harsh cleansers. This is why Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin Pump is created with a gentle formula.

Made with the use of NutriumMoisture, it gives the skin a lot of natural nutrients. It is made to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to boost its health. Safety of the skin is also guaranteed with its hypoallergenic formula. The soap-free body wash will leave the skin smoother and softer. Its rich and creamy lather will also feel like a luxury. As it is designed to provide the ideal care for sensitive skin, it gives a sensory experience to the user.

Dermatologists recommend the use of Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin Pump for daily showers. Its components help in boosting skin moisture. It also works by retaining the moisture longer all throughout the day. Some cleansers leave harmful residues on the skin. But Dove’s body wash will not only moisturize the skin, it will also protect it from further damage. With the ability to provide skin-deep nourishment, it will work its magic on the skin. The deeper layers of receive an abundance of natural nutrients. It brings out the skin’s youthfulness and gives it a softer feel. Its gentle formula is perfect for those who are delicate and sensitive.

Dove Body Wash Sensitive Skin Pump will aid in keeping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Its formula will cleanse the skin thoroughly without causing further damage. See results of a softer skin just after one shower.