Neutrogena Body Wash

Pink Grapefruit; Perfect for Acne-Prone Skin; With Vitamin C for Added Skin Nourishment

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Tired of using potentially damaging products on the skin every bath? Clean up with body washes that are gentle on the skin. Feel refreshed and nourished after taking a shower or a bath. Take a closer look on Neutrogena Body Wash Pink Grapefruit and learn why this is a popular product among buyers.

Washing the body is not only a routine. It is the very foundation of having a clear and younger-looking skin. With the use of the right products, this mundane activity can turn into a pampering session. Pair up Neutrogena’s Body Wash Pink Grapefruit with other products from their collection and get maximum results.

Prevent skin conditions from happening and clear up the skin with a gentle body wash that will pamper the skin. Neutrogena designed this formula and added an abundance of vitamin C for added nourishment. With natural extracts of grapefruit, it packs a powerful nurturing ability. Applying it on the skin will feel like a luxury.

While most soaps and washes dry the skin, this one does not. It does not rob the necessary oil on the skin which keeps it soft and moisturized. In fact, Neutrogena Body Wash Pink Grapefruit helps the skin treat acne and breakouts. It has salicylic acid which is an effective acne medicine. Using it in the bath reveals fresh and clear skin without over drying.

Another perk of opting for this formula is that it easily cuts through the oil and dirt and lifts them off completely. Give the skin some tender love and care while also making sure that it is safe from skin conditions. A body wash and acne treatment in one product – this is truly a gift to those who like to indulge in enjoyable baths and showers. Start the day right by feeling fresh and clear with Neutrogena Body Wash Pink Grapefruit.