Dove Beauty Bar White 6 Bar

Skin-Deep Moisture; With ¼ Moisturizing Cream; Gentle Cleanser for All Skin Types; Leaves the Skin Softer and Smoother

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Does ordinary soap leaves the skin dull and dry? It is a common issue when it comes to skin care. Dove rose to the challenge of providing what the skin ultimately needs. Dove Beauty Bar White 6 Bar has a mild formula that leaves the skin smoother and softer even after using! It is gentle enough to use on all skin types even delicate ones.

With Dove Beauty Bar White 6 Bar, cleansing the skin is now made more enjoyable and gentler. Feel pampered as the soap glides smoothly against the skin. Infused with Dove’s signature ¼ moisturizing cream, it provides skin-deep hydration that will keep the skin moisturized all day long. It also prevents drying and irritation often caused by using ordinary soaps.

This beauty bar is truly a tool that can nurture and protect the skin. As a mild cleanser, it helps the skin retain its natural moisture while also boosting its ability to retain it. A common issue when it comes to using ordinary soap is that it can be potentially harsh for the skin. It strips the moisture away and even robs it off of nutrients. Dove Beauty Bar White 6 Bar, on the other hand, replenishes both the water and minerals that the skin lost.

With its gentle formula, it is safe enough for everyday use. It is also highly nourishing which will improve the skin’s components. As it boosts the skin health, it improves its texture by providing a smoother surface. It also removes impurities which reveal a fresh and radiant skin underneath.

Dove Beauty Bar White 6 Bar comes with 6 products that can last for weeks! Cleanse the skin from dirt and toxins while making sure that it protected from drying. Include in skin care routines and notice great results of improvement!