Art Naturals Body and Foot Wash

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Oils, Moisturizer and Anti-Fungal Wash in One; Great For Treatment of Eczema

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An active lifestyle does great things for the body. It keeps people healthy and makes clothes fit better. A good workout can give anyone a lot of energy to last all the day and a restful sleep at night. It also helps release endorphins which are the body’s happy hormones. What’s not so great about an active lifestyle is body and foot odor. These sometimes come with wearing sweaty clothes and shoes for a long time.

Art Naturals knows how valuable an active lifestyle is so they made Art Naturals Body and Foot Wash makes sure that everyone smells clean and fresh after a workout. Art Naturals Body and Foot Wash contain tea tree oil and other key essential oils that ward off germs that cause body odor. This mix of concentrated oils is effective at getting rid of unwanted bacteria and fungi.

Art Naturals Body and Foot Wash contain anti-fungal ingredients that can bring quick relief from itching, and pain caused by athlete’s foot and other fungal problems. It is used for treating skin and nails that have been infected by fungus. The moisturizing elements in Art Naturals Body and Foot Wash also provide soothing relief for dried up and inflamed skin.  Get clean, fresh smelling, and fungus free skin with continued use of the product.